Sandro, #WinADateWithSandro suffer a huge loss

Sandro, #WinADateWithSandro suffer a huge loss

- #WinADateWithSandroMarcos was a PR campaign that started off successfully, supported by Sandro Marcos' fangirls

- Things went downhill for the campaign when other Twitter users seized this opportunity to talk about Martial Law

- While the PR company tweeted that Sandro was aware of and consented to the campaign, Sandro denied knowing or consenting to it

- His denial was questioned by Twitter users, and the outrage led him to delete his tweets

Fans of Sandro Marcos, the son of infamous Senator Bongbong Marcos, would have lost their minds over the opportunity to meet and date him. Tragically - or luckily, depending on how you look at it - the #WinADateWithSandro PR campaign was hijacked by Martial Law tweets.

For a few hours last Thursday, July 14, the aforementioned hashtag trended on Twitter, merely several ranks below the popular ABS-CBN series Dolce Amore.

Like all trends, it started off successfully - the first few tweets were posted by eager fangirls who really did have the desire to date Sandro. As per the campaign's request, the girls posted their selfies in the hopes that they would be one of 12 lucky girls to see him.

Sandro, #WinADateWithSandro suffer a huge loss

Sandro and Bongbong Marcos (Photo credit: Twitter)

Throughout the campaign, Sandro won over the hearts of several girls - despite a few blunders he made (but promptly deleted) on Twitter.

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The original tweet laying out the details of the campaign seems to have been deleted, but the mechanics of the Twitter campaign were salvaged after some research. As it turns out, this campaign was organized by a PR company called Publicity Asia and is available exclusively for Metro Manila residents.

The mechanics of the competition was simple: participants uploaded their best selfies, captioned with the campaign hashtag #WinADateWithSandro. Winners would be sent the additional details through direct messaging, and would get the chance to have lunch with Sandro on July 21.

Several Sandro fangirls lamented on why only those in Metro Manila were eligible, especially those who lived in Pampanga.

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The initial success was soon replaced with tweets about the Martial Law, and anti-Marcos sentiments. One user, instead of tweeting a selfie, tweeted a photo of Liliosa Hilao, one of the victims of Martial Law.



Another used the hashtag to point out locations where Martial Law victims were taken to, and where the Filipinos won back their freedom. He mused that these would be possible dating spots for Sandro and the lucky winners. Others tweeted about what a date would Sandro would be like, with heavy Martial Law references to their discussions. There were also some tweets that remarked snidely about who or what would pay for the date.


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The organizer, Publicity Asia, released a statement on the matter. They clarified that the promo was unpaid, and launched to treat the fans. They added that Sandro had agreed to participate in the promo.

However, Sandro seems to be singing a different tune. He tweeted about the PR campaign, and denied that first, he was consulted about it, and second, that he consented to it at all. He finished by saying that he did not see the point of launching such campaigns, especially when he isn't a celebrity.

Sandro, #WinADateWithSandro suffer a huge loss

Sandro Marcos tweets (Photo credit:

Searching for his tweets will be futile since he's already deleted them.

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Twitter users were quick to challenge his denials. One fatal loophole in his denial: if he didn't know nor consent to the dating event, why did he retweet it during the campaign's starting stages?

Just like his other tweets, he probably deleted that retweet too. Twitter users called him out for denying his participation in the event.

#WinADateWithSandro has been removed from Twitter's trending list.

- Kami Media

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