Nacino: No third party, no financial issues, just personal reasons

Nacino: No third party, no financial issues, just personal reasons

- The real score on Kapuso stars Rocco Nacino and Lovi Poe has been ambiguous since last year

- Just recently, the Starstruck alumni confirmed that he had broken up with Poe

- Despite his evasive answers, he cleared the issues thrown at him regarding his separation from the singer/actress

For the first time, Kapuso actor Rocco Nacino admitted that he has, indeed, broken up with actress Lovi Poe after dating for two years.

However, despite their separation, they have remained friends. Lovi Poe shared in a previous interview that she and Nacino still see each other for lunch or dinner, and even drop by the sets of their upcoming projects.

Nacino: No third party, no financial issues, just personal reasons
Back when the two Kapuso stars were still together.

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Even if Nacino revealed the real score betweem the two of them, the incoming ‘Encantandia’ star attempted to not give more details about the matter.

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Hindi na kailangang to go into details. It’s not for me to make kuwento, but… siguro hanggang dun na lang,” he said.

(There is no need to go into details. It’s not for me to share the story, but…maybe it’s just up to there.)

When asked if he was the one who broke off the relationship, he detracted from the question. Instead, he responded that he wished her all the best in her endeavors.

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However, he admitted that he was still hurting, and disclosed that he cried over his relationship with the ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’ actress. He also said that his relationship with Poe was the most serious compared to his previous ones.



Nacino also admitted that their relationship was a good and loving one and no third party was involved. “Walang kinalaman sa issues, walang third party. Iyon, I can be sure, walang third party talaga. Personal reasons, personal reasons.” (It has nothing to do with issues, no third party. That, I can be sure, there is really no third party. Personal reasons, personal reasons.)

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There have been rumors that their break-up was fueled by a financial problem – Nacino apparently used their joint account without her permission.

He defended himself by responding that he was raised properly by his parents and did not believe that there was a joint account at all.

And hindi rin ako naniniwala ko…’yung having a joint account. Kaya sa relationship, dapat kanya-kanya. ‘Pag boyfriend-girlfriend pa lang kayo, hindi dapat.”

(And what I don’t believe in…that of having a joint account. That’s why in a relationship, we should have our own thing. If you’re still in a boyfriend-girlfriend stage, you should not.)

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He clarified that he and Poe did not have a joint account.

And I earn my own money naman, e, so I can buy my own things. Hindi ko kailangan ang pera ng ibang tao,” he added.

(And I earn my own myself myself, so I can buy my own things. I don’t need the money of other people.)  

Despite the issues thrown at him, he believed that they were not true and has nothing against his ex-girlfriend even if some of the shocking revelations came from her. He even thanked Poe that she was there for him while they were still together, and confidently stated that she knows him and his family well that he would not do such a thing.-Kami Media

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