UP student wears ‘Lahat Tayo Posibleng Drug Pusher’ placard

UP student wears ‘Lahat Tayo Posibleng Drug Pusher’ placard

- Extrajudicial killings against alleged illegal drug traffickers has been a controversial issue since operations has taken place under Predsident Rodrigo Duterte’s administration

- The series of killings of drug suspects prompted 19-year old Adrienne Onday to wear a sign when commuting that says, “Lahat Tayo Posibleng Drug Pusher.”

- Faced with mixed reactions, with some criticizing her, and most supporting her, she wears the sign to show her defiance against such killings.

“Lahat Tayo Posibleng Drug Pusher,” screams the cardboard sign that a University of the Philippines-Diliman student wears everyday whenever she commutes going to school.

Adrienne Onday, the 19-year-old- UP sociology student who wears the cardboard sign, experienced no shame in conveying the message that have so long bothered her in the spate of the killings of drug suspects.

As Onday made her way to De La Salle University in Taft Avenue where she was bound to talk on student activism, she drew the attention of many passers-by and commuters to the huge sign hanging from her neck.

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After her short stint of being a lone rallyist as she commutes, she immediately shared her experience online. She posted about it on Facebook, which gathered about 5,000 reactions from netizens and about 2,000 shares.

Playing with words, the sociology student got the idea of wearing the sign from Hope Swann, a DLSU biology professor. Onday really wanted to wear the sign and was told to encourage more people to do so.

“I wore the sign as a protest against the extrajudicial and summary killings that have been rampant these past few days.”

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(Sinusuot ko yung “sign” bilang protesta sa mga “extrajudicial” at “summary” killings na masyado nang nagging marami sa mga nakalipas na mga araw.)

Some people recognized the efforts of Onday, and there were also those who called her out on social media saying that what she was doing was a mere “stunt” and that she just wants to go “viral.”

“It's frustrating but the number of people who are supportive far outweigh those who are not, I think. I even got a guy near my house to exclaim that I was right,” said Onday, referring to those people who do have the same opinion as her.

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Many people have expressed their disdain over the number of suspected individuals who died during entrapments and other police operations. While police officers normally say that these suspects fought off which was why they were shot, many eyewitnesses tend to testify otherwise. - SD, Kami Media 

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