VIDEO: At least 84 dead in France terror attack

VIDEO: At least 84 dead in France terror attack

- France will extend the imposition of its state of emergency by 3 months because of the recent alleged terror attack

- At least 84 people are dead due to the incident in the city of Nice, France

- A truck crashed into a crowd at full speed as the driver shot people from the window of his vehicle

- The crowd on the streets of Nice were celebrating the French National Day when the attack took place

- The mayor has told local citizens to stay inside their homes

Following the suspected terror attack in Nice during the country's national day celebration, France will extend its state of emergency – which is set to end on July 26 – by 3 months.

In a televised broadcast on Friday, French President Francois Hollande said he will submit a law next week to impose an extension.

"France is badly hit by this tragedy. We are horrified by what happened…But France is strong and France will always be stronger, I assure you," President Hollande said.

At least 84 people were killed and 18 more were critically injured – including 30 children – after a terror attack took place along the Promenade des Anglais in the city of Nice, France.

According to reports, a truck suddenly crashed into a crowd of people who were celebrating Bastille Day – the French National Day which commemorates an important event that took place on July 14, 1789, the beginning of the French Revolution.

Pictures and videos of dead bodies lain across the street and people fleeing the scene in panic have emerged after the truck driver crashed the celebration. The suspect smashed his vehicle to a crowd of people at 40mph while shooting his gun from the window immediately killing 77 people and wounding 50.

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VIDEO: At least 84 dead in France terror attack
Victims on the seafront in Nice (Photo: Reuters)

"A truck rammed into the crowd over a long distance, which explains this extremely heavy [death] toll," said Sebastien Humbert, the Alpes-Maritime prefect.

When the suspect emerged from his vehicle, the police were able to gun him down.

VIDEO: At least 84 dead in France terror attack
This shocking image shows bodies strewn over the tarmac (Photo: Mirror UK)

Authorities have found guns and grenades in the back of the vehicle which suggests that the terror attack was premeditated. Soldiers and police are also on the scene to contain the situation.

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VIDEO: At least 84 dead in France terror attack
French soldiers advance on the streets of Nice (Photo: Reuters)

"People were flying in all directions, who were thrown in all directions, and he continued, continued on his route almost to the end of the Promenade without stopping… There were scenes of panic everywhere and when I wanted to cross back to get home there were dead bodies everywhere, everywhere, everywhere, on the road, it was horrific,” an eyewitness said.

VIDEO: At least 84 dead in France terror attack
Bullet holes are visible in the front of the truck (Photo: AFP / Getty)

The mayor of the city of Nice has urged people to stay inside their homes in case another terror attack takes place.

As of press time, the interior ministry spokesman announced that investigations are being conducted to establish if the individual acted alone or if he had accomplices who might have fled the scene.

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