Prison guard arrested after selling drugs in Bilibid

Prison guard arrested after selling drugs in Bilibid

- A man who worked 30 years as prison guard gets extra income by selling shabu

- The prison guard was apprehended by police after successful sting operation

- Man now faces charges in violation of Comprehensive Dangerous Act of 2002

Prison guard arrested after selling drugs in Bilibid

The NBI conducted a surprise inspection in New Bilibid Prison. (Photo from

A jail guard named Eddie Acoba was arrested during a successful bust operation in Bilibid on Monday, July 11.

The 54-year-old man, who served 30 years as a jail guard in the provincial penitentiary, was caught selling a heat-sealed plastic bag of shabu to a police operative posing as a buyer.

When apprehended, the police found two more plastic bags of shabu and P1000 bills in his possession.

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"Gamit ang sasakyan ng provincial jail na maghahatid sa mga inmate papuntang National Bilibid Prison, dun na rin siya kumukuha ng shabu para ibenta sa Ilocos," police said.

(The provincial jail's vehicle, which takes the inmates to the National Bilibid Prison, was also used by the guard to transfer and sell drugs in Ilocos).

The police later revealed they were able to catch Acobo thanks to the help of a certain Evangeline Gonzalez, who accused Acobo of selling drugs. The informer was also arrested last Monday.

According to the police, Acobo is ranked 18th on the target list in Ilocos Norte.

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The suspect now faces charges for the violation of RA 9165, also known as the Comprehensive Dangerous Act of 2002.

This sting operation has been one of the many successful anti-drug missions since Duterte launched his anti-drug campaign.

President Duterte won the Presidential elections on the platform of uprooting corruption and quashing illegal drug trade in his first six months in office.

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Since then, more than a 100 drug pushers have been killed.

"Many more will die … It's going to be a dirty fight, it's going to be a bloody fight. I'm not apologizing for it," the president said about his war on drugs.

Meanwhile, thousands of drug users have surrendered to the police.

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