P1.77-B drugs, destroyed in Cavite

P1.77-B drugs, destroyed in Cavite

- In line with Duterte administration's campaign against drugs, the PNP and PDEA has a drug destruction activity in Cavite

- P1.77-B worth of drugs is set to be destroyed in Trece Martirez

- PNP Chief Ronald dela Rosa and Retired General Isidro Lapeña join the first destruction of drugs under the Duterte administration

Philippine National Police (PNP) and Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) are set to destroy P1.77-B worth of mixed drugs at the Integrated Waste Management, Trece Martires, Cavite on Thursday, July 14

Today, July 14, in Brgy. Aguado, Tres Martires City in Cavite, is the scheduled destruction of confiscated dangerous drugs. This will be the second destruction operation led by Philippine National Police (PNP) for the year 2016.

The new PDEA Director General Isidro Lapeña in his opening statement said this is also his first time to witness the destruction of dangerous drugs. This will be the first drug destruction under the Duterte administration and the first that PNP Chief dela Rosa will witness.

P1.77-B drugs, destroyed in Cavite

According to Retired General and now PDEA Director General Isidro Lapeña, there was a clamor from the public for the destruction of these drugs as soon as possible suspecting that these recovered drugs might just be recycled. To avoid suspicion, they conducted it the soonest they can. It still has to go through a certain process, he said.

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PNP Chief Bato Dela Rosa is the guest of honor for the said ceremony. He thanked the new Director General of PDEA for the opportunity to witness the destruction of drugs seized by the agency in anti-illegal drugs operations.

“This is symbolic of the government’s serious recognition of the illegal drug menace and reflective of the victories that law enforcement agencies led by PDEA have been gaining in the latest round of operations against illegal drugs in the country,” he said in his speech.

He admitted his ignorance of the process of destruction of these drugs and even shared that he wanted to destroy the drugs right after the major operations.

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According to a PDEA representative, before the drugs are destroyed, there is still a process to undergo. PDEA should first make sure that the drugs that are about to be destroyed are of the same label, kind, and amount as when they were confiscated.  The destruction will be using the thermal decomposition method which will last for 5-6 hours.

“We can just imagine how much havoc these illegal drugs can wreck in the lives of our youth and the rest of our countrymen if such drugs remained in the hands of those engaged in the illegal drug trade,” Dela Rosa said.

P1.77-B drugs, destroyed in Cavite
P1.77-B drugs, destroyed in Cavite

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P1.77-B drugs, destroyed in Cavite
P1.77-B drugs, destroyed in Cavite

The drugs to be destroyed, weighing a total of 180 kilograms, were the accumulated drugs confiscated from Claveria, Cagayan.

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Lapeña also urged the people to trust as PNP Chief Bato dela Rosa fulfills his role as mandated by the president.

P1.77-B drugs, destroyed in Cavite

PNP Bato Dela Rosa shared to his speech in Trece Martires, Cavite that he like to burn all the confiscated illegal drugs on the spot.

“Gusto kong ipakita sa lahat na wala tayong intention na mag recycle[ng shabu], dahil habang tumatagal yung ebidensiya satin, eh lalong nag dududa yung taong bayan,” PNP Chief Dela Rosa said in front of the guests in the Shabu Burning Ceremony.

(I want to show everyone that we do not have any intention of recycling, because as the evidence stays with us longer, the doubts of the people intensify.)

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He said that this is a symbolic event of preventing what could be a dark future for our children who are into using these drugs.

For the PNP Chief, this is just the start of the renewed war against drug menace and he thanks PDEA for hitting the ground running and wasting no time when President Duterte declared this war.

Bato is proud of the initial turnout of PNP’s operation against illegal drugs as the PNP has already sent countless pushers and users to jail, and seized billions worth of drugs and paraphernalia.

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He is hoping to further strengthen the anti-drug and anti-crime strategy as it replicates the victories they had in Davao City in recent years.

P1.77-B drugs, destroyed in Cavite

PNP Chief Dela Rosa promised during his speech at the destruction ceremony that "In the days ahead, the campaign to win the war on drugs will continue." - RY, Kami Media

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Source: Kami.com.ph

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