China opens door for further negotiations

China opens door for further negotiations

- China is happy about the Duterte administration's decision to push for further peaceful negotiations

- The Cabinet is eyeing a proposal to send a special envoy to focus on the negotiation

- Former President Fidel Ramos has been nominated to head the said special envoy

Although the Arbitral Court’s ruling was not in favor of them, China still commends President Duterte’s statement about his decision to still look for the most peaceful way of negotiation over the West Philippine Sea issue.

China opens door for further negotiations

Tribunal. (Photo from global.inquirer)

“We welcome the positive statements and positions withheld by President Duterte and the new Philippine government on the South China Sea issue on the arbitration case,” Lui Zhenmin, the Chinese Foreign Minister said in Chinese.

China also revealed their position that they are open to a peaceful dialogue towards the unity between the two countries.

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According to them, they will be the one to determine the extent of their air defense zone.

Lauro Baha, the Philippine Ambassador to the United Nations, still pushed for diplomacy should still prevail.

“Now, it is up for the Philippines to convert it into a political victory and that you leverage what you get from the panel, you leverage with China.”

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The President had already met with his Cabinet to decide on the next steps to take from here on. When he opened up the idea of sending a special envoy to China to negotiate, former President Fidel Ramos’ name was mentioned.

Former Ambassador to China said that it is very important to let China know about the importance the country afforded to the issue despite the tension between the two countries.

Meanwhile, neighboring countries actively gave a comment regarding the arbitration’s decision.

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As what the Japanese Foreign Minister stated, “As the Tribunal’s award is final and legally binding on the parties to the dispute under the provisions of UNCLOS, the parties to this case are required to comply with the award.”

Vietnam also supports the resolution of disputed in the South China Sea by peaceful means refraining from use or threats to use force. Malaysia and Singapore said the same.

Thailand also shared the same sentiment wishing to maintain the stability and peace it the region.

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According to the lawyer who defended the Philippines, Atty. Paul Reichler, in the said dispute arbitration, China cannot escape complying with the legal obligations imposed upon them. There is an enormous pressure on all States to ultimately comply with the rulings of the international court, he added.

As of now, the public is waiting for the concrete steps that the administration will make regarding the issue. -Kami Media

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