Couple married for 58 years dies together while holding hands 

Couple married for 58 years dies together while holding hands 

- A couple from San Antonio, TX USA, died together while holding each other's hand

- Both suffered from dementia and when the husband died in his sleep, the wife followed him just hours later

- They died last Tuesday just a few weeks after their 58th wedding anniversary.

An American couple, George and Ora Lee Rodriguez, from San Antonio, who refused to ever be apart, died the same way side by side – while holding each other’s hand.

If this seems familiar to you, then you might have learned of the story of The Notebook where the story also ended with the starring couple who died together in the hospital bed. Only, this story happened 12 years after.

“I just can’t believe something like this would ever happen you hear this in the movies” the couple’s daughter, Corina Martinez told the local news network, KABB. “Like The Notebook", she added.

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Couple married for 58 years dies together while holding hands 

The Notebook Story in real life. Photo from KABB FOX 29 News, San Antonio

One of their kids said their mother always reminds she is going to take their father with her, or if not, their father will take her. And it did actually happen. They are just inseparable.

According to the reports, both suffered dementia and a few months ago, George was hospitalized due to stroke. Last Tuesday, George passed away in his sleep. And just hours have passed, Ora Lee followed him in heaven.

The couple just celebrated their 58 wedding anniversary last 1 of June. The two are high school sweethearts and since then, it was a love that never faded.

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Back then, George was working as a butcher at a meat shop in the local market where he met Ora Lee. After serving at the United States Marine, he fulfilled his promise of love and married her.

They lived in their home in the city’s West Side with their three beautiful daughters.

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George is always seen with a hat on and his daughter said he wouldn’t take it off until it is time for bed. He also loved his boots.

For their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, their parents lived a life full of memories that this family would never let fade away. -Kami Media

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