WATCH: 5 Most violent sports injuries caught on video

WATCH: 5 Most violent sports injuries caught on video

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1.) UFC’s Anderson Silva breaks his leg while kicking

Anderson “The Spider” Silva is considered as one of the greatest mixed martial artists in history. After an upset loss to Chris Weidman, the two fighters went on a rematch.

Many predicted that Silva would finally knockout Weidman in their second fight while some believed that Weidman would get a decision. However, nobody predicted that the fight would end with Silva breaking his leg badly while delivering a strong kick to his opponent.

2.) NBA’s Paul George breaks leg after trying to defend the basket

Fast-breaks can be scary. The players on offense are rushing with full velocity towards the basket for an easy score while the defenders are doing their best to catch up with their opponents.

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For this reason, many players get injured while on a fast break play. This is exactly what happened with NBA star Paul George during a basketball showcase game. After fouling his opponent, George fell badly on the floor and his right leg was bent easily like it was made of straw.

3.) NHL player Clint Malarchuk got his throat slit by skate blade

Hockey has always been one of the most violent sports, with plenty of tackles, shoving and even fist-fighting. But what happened to goaltender Clint Malarchuk is even worse.

In the middle of the game, Malarchuk’s neck was slit open by another player’s skate blade, slicing his carotid artery and jugular vein and causing immediate blood loss in front of a stunned audience.

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Miraculously, Malarchuk was able to survive the life-threatening injury due to the immediate medical attention he received. He lost almost two liters of blood in the process.

4.) German football player Ewald Lienan’s thigh cut open with a kick

In 1981, one of the most unbelievable injuries in football history happened. Ewald Lienen of the Arminia Bielefeld was in control of the ball as Werder Bremen defender Norbert Siegmann tackled him. Lienen was fouled hard, stood up in pain, and looked down to see that his right thigh had a long and deep wound exposing his bone!

5.) Boxer Hasim Rahman receives gigantic head swelling

Fighting Evander Holyfield is never easy. Many expected Holyfield to defeat Hasim Rahman via decision or knockout. However, nobody predicted that Rahman would sustain one of the biggest and most grotesque head swelling seen in professional sports history.

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