Inmates came to prison guard’s rescue

Inmates came to prison guard’s rescue

- At least eight inmates broke out of their holding room and screamed for help as their guard suddenly lost consciousness

- Deputies and paramedics rushed to the scene, quickly attending to the guard who is now feeling better

- Some people considered the inmates as heroes because of the act

Even though there are quite a few people who are quick to dismiss those who are put behind bars as bad individuals, there are still some who, despite committing criminal activities, rush to help a person in need. Humanity does not seem to be lost after all as these inmates forced their way out of the cell in order to attend to their prison guard who suddenly lost consciousness.

A CCTV video managed to capture the heroic actions of at least 8 inmates who broke out of their holding room last June 23 in the basement of the District Courts Building in Weatherford. The officer who was in charge of guarding their cell was having a good chat with them until he slumped forward, prompting them to yell for help. But when their cries for assistance fell on deaf arms, they opted to push themselves towards the nearest exit.

The inmates at Parker County Courts proceeded to bang the doors, hoping to alert authorities in the establishment. Some even tried to use the guard’s radio to call for aid.

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Nick Kelton confessed that he feared their noise would be interpreted as something else which could take a dangerous turn for him and fellow inmates. Floyd Smith, one of the inmates agreed as he shared how authorities thought the ruckus was a fight.

Upon feeling that the guard had no pulse, they started to prickle with worry. Thankfully, deputies managed to hear their clamor and rushed downstairs.

Parker county sheriff’s Sergeant Ryan Speegle admitted that he had no inkling on what to expect since the guard contains keys and a firearm but an image of distraught inmates at the scene surely did not come up to mind. He immediately ushered them back inside the cell as paramedics administer CPR to the guard.

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The inmates were able to breathe a sigh of relief when a pulse was felt and life was rushing back to the stricken guard. Kelton and the rest of the inmates considered their actions to be what was naturally expected in the situation.

The incident resulted for the inmates’ room alarm to be reinforced. -HB, Kami Media



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Bong Revilla, umaasa na makamtan ang katarungan sa isang pinag-uusapan na post

Bong Revilla, umaasa na makamtan ang katarungan sa isang pinag-uusapan na post
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