Two trains collide in Italy; 23 people dead

Two trains collide in Italy; 23 people dead

- Two passenger trains crashed in Italy, killing 23 people.

- The two trains were moving at high speed and were traveling on a single track

 - One policeman said it was the worst he have seen in his life

- This is the fifth deadly train accident in Italy since 1978

At least twenty-three people have died and dozens more hurt after two passenger trains collided in southern Italy. The officials are asking for blood donations.

According to officials, the two trains crashed on the coastal towns of Bari and Barletta. The said passenger trains were on a single-track line during the collision.

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi immediately returned to Rome and ordered an investigation, interrupting a trip to Milan. The Prime Minister also issued a statement and extended his condolences to the families.

"I think we must have absolute clarity on this. We will not stop until we understand what happened," he said.

Local officials also revealed that they have been trying to free passengers from carriages that were shattered, including a small child who was immediately airlifted to a hospital.

A field hospital was also set up in the scene to attend to wounded individuals.

There were about 200 people who got involved in the rescue operation.

Two trains collide in Italy; 23 people dead

Two trains crashed in Italy.

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The cause of the crash is still under investigation. However, it happened in good weather at around 9:30 GMT at Pulga’s southern region. One angle that is being looked at is the possibility of a human error.

Based on reports, one of the trains came from Andria while the other one from Corato. Both were allegedly travelling at high speed.

"Surely one of the two trains shouldn't have been there. And surely there was an error. We need to determine the cause of the error," Commander Giancarlo Conticchio from the railway police said.

Each of the trains had four carriages. Some of those carriages were so wrecked and the area was filled with debris.

Two trains collide in Italy; 23 people dead

Debris everywhere.

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Corato Mayor Massimo Mazzilli revealed that it looked like a plane has crashed in the site due to the extensive damage.

One of the policemen also told journalists that the place was filled with dead people, individuals begging and screaming for help, and persons crying.

“The worst scene of my life," the policeman said.

The accident is considered to be the fifth deadliest train accident in Italy since 1978.

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