Cop did not arrest shoplifter, gives food instead

Cop did not arrest shoplifter, gives food instead

- Helen Johnson was caught stealing eggs and was reported by store owners to authorities

- However, Officer Stacy did not arrest the 47-year old woman but even gave her a carton of eggs, remembering her being poverty stricken after a prior visit to her home

- He even brought her a truckload of food later on to keep her and her grandchildren well-fed for a couple of days

Cop did not arrest shoplifter, gives food instead

Faith in humanity restored. Photo by:

The relationship between police officers and black Americans were known to be tensed, followed by numerous shootings prompted by unguaranteed reasons behind the actions. So when a cop offered help to a black woman who was caught to be shoplifting, the nation was delighted on how it was a good change of tone contrary to the usually horrible news appearing on their television screens.

Helen Johnson, a mother from Alabama, has no intention of stealing eggs until she was pressured into doing so; worried that after a day of skipping meals, her grandchildren would die of starvation. However, she proved to be an amateur thief as the eggs were cracked inside her pockets, obviously informing other people of her misdeed as the yolk continued on dripping while on her way out.

Store owners then informed authorities of the predicament, with Officer William Stacy arriving at the scene to handle the problem. Contrary to what most people would expect to happen, the police officer managed the affairs in unexpected light – he requested the store owners to not press charges against Johnson.

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As for the repentant grandmother, she was willing to pay for her crimes and even offered the only cash she had left to express her gratitude and regret - $1.25. Johnson later on clarified that she has yet to receive her welfare check of $120 which ended up lost in the mail, therefore forcing her to resort to stealing in order to fill her grandchildren’s empty stomach.

Officer Stacy refused to accept what the grandmother is giving him, claiming that he remembered her from a prior visit to her home – seeing firsthand how poverty stricken the old lady was. Instead of putting handcuffs, he handed her a carton of eggs instead, ensuing for Johnson to cry and hug him out of relief and appreciation for his thoughtfulness.

The moment did not go unnoticed as a passerby managed to film the touching scene and posted it on Facebook with the hashtag, ‘#feelgoodstoryoftheday’ under the user named Robert ‘Dollar’ Tripp.

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Later on, Officer Stacy even went beyond his call of duty as he and some colleagues dropped by the 47-year old’s home and gave her two truckloads of food. Johnson could not help but burst into tears as she recalled the last time she did not worry about her family’s meals was when she was still 12 years young.

Keen on paying back her debt to the cop, Johnson asked what she could to repay the help he provided. Officer Stacy only asked for the simplest of things, for Johnson to no longer shoplift and he was confident that she would not commit the same offense again. –HB, Kami Media

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