15 year old makes headline because of his height

15 year old makes headline because of his height

- Robert Bobroczky is only 15 years old yet is already 7’6” tall

- Aside from his physique, he also displays a huge potential in the field of basketball

- This has caught the eye of several NBA scouts since the teen was 13 years old

They say one of the major factors that could decide a basketball career is the height, apart from the skills, of course. Looks like this particular boy had this one covered as he towers over his peers with his 7’6” height as early as 15 years old.

Robert Bobroczky hails from the city of Arad in Romania and has been widely known across the continent for being named as ‘The Tallest Teen in Europe.’ Apparently, his trait has also managed to catch the eye of several athletic scouts from the esteemed National Basketball Association (NBA). They have been reportedly trying to keep up to date with the teen’s progress on the sport, as he is a member of a basketball academy, since he was just 13 years young.

It looks like the towering figure and the expertise on the game comes in the family. His father, Zigmond, was a former basketball player who was a sight to behold on the court being 7 feet and an inch tall.

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15 year old makes headline because of his height

Height is might in basketball. Photo by: http://www.elitereaders.com/

Oliver Macklin of ‘The Washington Post’ wrote an article about Bobroczky on their November 2015 issue, describing his stature similar to that of a giraffe. Macklin also informed the readers that the lad plays for U-16 Stella Azzurra, 2006’s #1 pick on the NBA draft, Andrea Bargnani, was a product of the same academy.

The youngster does not only boast of his height, but of his skills as well. Despite a minimal struggle on running across the court, he stands as a strong opponent once he is able to find his position inside the paint. Rivals had a difficult time trying to score a basket as he easily obscures their vision of the hoop, and reaches out to block their attempts to shoot.

With such a strong potential coming from Bobroczky, scouts could not help but cheer for him to continue developing. The athlete’s build is still a work in progress, and he has still a lot of time to perfect his skills in order to join the NBA. As his stature is already considered an advantage, he was advised to try and produce more muscles to help support his plays. -HB, Kami Media

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