Baron Geisler receives heat for ‘gay’ remark

Baron Geisler receives heat for ‘gay’ remark

- Jonas Gaffud offered a more sensible choice of words aside from ‘gay’ following Baron Geisler’s post intended for DJ Mo Twister on Facebook

- The renowned beauty queen maker was clearly upset as he reminded that the actor is surrounded by a lot of gay friends in the industry who had been helping him

- The remark also earned him the ire of numerous netizens who urged him to avoid relating the term to negative thoughts

Jonas Antonio Gaffud, a renowned beauty queen maker, could no longer sit idly as Baron Geisler throws the word ‘gay’ around in a demeaning manner.

Baron Geisler receives heat for ‘gay’ remark

Jonas Antonio Gaffud of Aces and Queens. (Photo from Inquirer)

The actor shared his outraged sentiments towards DJ Mo Twister on Facebook last July 8 when the latter failed to arrange a guesting for Geisler on his live podcast, ‘Good Times With Mo.’

He claimed that Twister has not kept his word regarding the event, diving into details that he was exhausted after a week’s worth of work and frustration built up after preparing for the supposedly stint. He then referred to the DJ as ‘gay’ and ‘douchebag.’

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This off-handed remark has stirred up reactions from several netizens, including the head of Mercator Artist & Model Management and Aces & Queens.

Gaffud responded through a Facebook post, asking Geisler to put a stop on labeling those who do not put up to his standards as ‘gay.’

The beauty queen trainer offered several other options to choose from, such as ‘moron,’ ‘stupid,’ or ‘weak.’ He then took a different note, seemingly urging the actor to not offend those who belong in the category as he has his own set of gay friends in the industry who helps him.

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Furthermore, a user under the name Kenneth Manuel advised Geisler to discontinue relating the term with negative connotations, to which the actor replied later on that ‘gay’ simply means happy.

This did not hamper quite a few to indulge the actor on the appropriate choice of words though; ‘misogynist’ and the correct spelling of the word ‘douchebag’ were written on the comments section.

As for DJ Mo Twister, he did not back down from Geisler’s challenge of a social media war, taking his lengthy post on Instagram.

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He reasoned that the actor demanded for an additional twenty thousand for his guesting, prompting them to drop the stint altogether – further quipping that he only received two bottles of beer during his last visit to the podcast. -HB, Kami Media


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