WATCH: 5 funny moments of PH politicians

WATCH: 5 funny moments of PH politicians

Politicians are capable of doing a variety of bad things to the public. They can make our lives more difficult, they can steal our money, they can feed us lies, they can break their promises, etc.

Fortunately, the Filipino people can also get a good laugh out of these politicians’ antics, gimmicks, mannerisms, behavior, and personality. Here are some of the funniest videos featuring our beloved government officials.

WATCH: 5 funny moments of PH politicians

Watch as former VP Jejomar Binay show off somemoves as he gyrates with the girls. (Photo credit: randomviral)

1. How far will President Rodrigo Duterte go?

Who would have thought that our serious, tough-talking president can bust a move? Well, you're in for a surprise. Apparently, the Punisher from Davao City is quite updated with the latest dance craze. And guess what? He's even willing to learn more for the girls.

So girls, what are you waiting for? Aren't you just curious to find out if the president will be willing to gyrate to Careless Whisper or do the back-busting Ocho-ocho just for you?

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2. Jejomar Binay’s hidden talent

Jejomar Binay lost badly in the May 9 presidential election. During his campaign, Binay focused on letting people know about his achievements for Makati City, his leadership skills, his dark skin tone and even his short stature.

If he only advertised his dancing skills, he could have been our president right now.

3. Miriam Defensor-Santiago’s solution for corruption

Miriam Defensor-Santiago is famous not only for her intelligence, experience, and fiery temper but also for her wit and sense of humor. During one of her speeches, Santiago asked the audience: “What do you call throwing trash into the sea? The answer: POLLUTION.” She then had a follow-up question: “But what do you call throwing corrupt politicians to the sea? The answer: SOLUTION.”

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4. Mar Roxas’ true calling

Have you been wondering what Mar Roxas is doing with his life nowadays after losing the recent presidential race? This video of Roxas from a few years ago might give us a clue.

It's definitely not babysitting.

5. Karen Davila vs. Alma Moreno

Who could ever forget this all-time classic song and one of the most awkward interviewees in Philippine history? Hopefully, this video will motivate celebrities who are planning to run for a government post in the future.

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