Animal attacks on humans caught on video

Animal attacks on humans caught on video


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Humans are the smartest species on Earth, but they are far from being the strongest, fastest and most aggressive. We can outsmart predatory animals by staying away from them but we have no match against them if we encounter them face to face.

Here are some of the worst animal attacks on humans caught on video

1. Alligator pulls off a brutal stunt

What would you do if you encounter a fully grown alligator? Would you run? Would you hide? Would you put your arm inside its mouth? This is what happens when you choose the third option.

2. Tiger kills human in zoo

One of the worst places to find yourself in is inside an animal enclosure with a deadly tiger. Watch this video and see how easy it is for a tiger to kill a human.

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3. Grizzly bear wrecks a human being

A human being has absolutely no chance of beating a grizzly bear in a fight. Thankfully, the man who encountered the bear in this video is aware of that fact which prompted him to just play dead as he is brutally attacked by the giant bear. If the man did not play dead, the grizzly bear might have done worse damage and could have actually killed him. The man barely survived the ordeal.

4. Lion tries to eat trainer

This sad and unfortunate video shows a lion trying to munch down on its trainer. It gets even sadder at the end, as the lion is shot multiple times by the circus staff.

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5. Leopard is angry with jeep driver

This leopard has some anger issues. Everyone expected the leopard to get away from the jeep as soon as its enclosure was opened. However, the leopard has other plans. It viciously tried to attack the driver and was even able to claw and bite him multiple times.

6. Shark hates surfing

This terrifying video shows an unsuspecting professional surfer get attacked by a shark. Fortunately, the only thing the surfer lost during the encounter was his surfboard.

7. Python bites child

Is it a smart thing to let a toddler approach a python? If your answer is yes, then you better check this video out.

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8. Bull makes rider fly

Do you know that bull riders have the ability to fly? This horrific video is proof of that.

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