Family sees ghost playing on the swing

Family sees ghost playing on the swing

- Scotty Denton and his children originally planned to have fun in the playground

- It was postponed though, as they witness a lone swing moving by itself while the other ones are still

- The clip has been viewed for more than 4.5 million times in Facebook

Family sees ghost playing on the swing

Scotty Denton and his daughter were shocked as they see the swing moving by itself (Photo from

Having an encounter with anything related to paranormal appears to be a regular occurrence these days. Belief in things such as ghosts is not really a prerequisite as you sometimes find yourself in situations you can’t fully comprehend nor explain. There are times when they even catch you by surprise, just right when you least expect it.

A dad and his kids were hoping for a fun day at the local playground until they could not find the will to go down their vehicle and head towards the area as they witness a creepy incident.

The family, who was residing at Warwick in Rhode Island, managed to capture on film a lone swing moving in the air unsteadily, as if someone was sitting on it and kicking the ground high enough to catapult it into the air.

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The clip began with the father, Scotty Denton, talking to the viewers that his children no longer wanted to play at the park, shifting the camera to show the swing flinging itself into the air. He, along with his kids, explained that there was no wind in the area to cause its movement. In addition, that single swing was the only thing moving in the entire playground – the other swings beside it had been sitting idly.

His son offered that someone probably pushed it and ran away, but as they observed the location widely, no one besides them was present. Scotty further added that it had been hurling itself for almost 2 minutes already.

Fun day had been postponed as Scotty and his children remained safely inside their car.

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The short video has earned more than 4.5 million views on Facebook as to date. A local friend shared that the incident frequently happens whenever they drive by the area, jokingly saying that it was bound to knock someone out sooner or later. - HB, Kami Media

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