A black woman is the new Iron Man

A black woman is the new Iron Man

- Riri Williams, a black woman, would soon take over Tony Stark’s suit

- Brian Michael Brendis, the creator and writer of ‘Iron Man,’ shared that he took his inspiration for the character from a TV show he worked on couple of years ago but failed to air due to too much violence

- Riri follows several diverse characters on Marvel which despite stirring controversy, have been widely accepted

It is about time the ladies get a chance to wear the famous Iron Man suit. A black woman is set to arrive in comics, taking over Tony Stark’s greatest weapon.

A black woman is the new Iron Man

Riri Williams. (Photo from cnn)

In an interview with Time Magazine, Brian Michael Brendis, the ‘Iron Man’ creator and writer, named the character as Riri Williams. Upon building her own suit in her dorm, she managed to catch the attention of the genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist.

Bendis came up with Riri’s character through a television show he was working on years before in Chicago, but failed to air for its violence content. He described it as the ‘most modern version of a superhero or superheroine,’ as the story was about how a young woman persisted through life despite a tragedy that could have easily caused her untimely death and entered college.

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The two are set to interact with each other soon in the comics, as the end of Civil War II will pave way for Riri’s entrance.

A black woman is the new Iron Man

New Iron Man. (Photo from hollywood reporter)

Riri Williams is not the first diverse character Marvel has worked on, and Bendis considered it a good thing. He had been involved with spicing up other characters such as Miles Morales who is a black and Hispanic Spider-Man, earning him the respect and trust of fans on his upcoming work.

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However, not all fans are welcome to the idea. Bendis acknowledges how the news had stirred up controversy, including several people dropping racist comments. He reflects, though, that they have been receiving less of it lately as fans appreciate the addition and variety of characters once they have been released, such as to what happened to Miles, Kamala Khan, and the female Thor.

The writer was delighted to express how they came up with the new ideas in an organic setting and not having it imposed on them instead. The older creators of the comics confessed that they wished they have done the same.

However even despite the regret, they know they are heading towards the right direction with female fans approaching them during a signing claiming how excited they are to be represented in their stories.

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