Russia-China alliance was foretold by the Bible

Russia-China alliance was foretold by the Bible

- The Bible speaks of armies from the east and the north marching towards the Holy Land

- These armies will reportedly cause great destruction and havoc, but be destroyed eventually

- If this is true, the United States' position as a global superpower will be deeply threatened

Russia and China are two giant nation-states with a solid alliance between them. Could their relationship have been foreseen in a prophecy from the Bible?

The Bible's last book - the book of Revelation (specifically 16:12) - prophecies the rise of an army from the East that will journey to the Holy Land during the tribulation. What the Bible meant by the Holy Land is Israel. A similar prophecy can be seen in the book of Ezekiel 38:15, which states that a huge army from the distant north will also march to the Holy Land in the last days.

Russia-China alliance was foretold by the Bible

A Christian prophecy

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On a map, you would see that these dominant nations clearly corresponded to a certain direction. China is from the east, while Russia is from the north. In modern times, these countries have not only grown to be regional powerhouses but strong allies as well.

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Steven Ben Nun, host of the YouTube channel Israeli News Live, explained that there were verses in the Bible that really seemed to point out and describe the relationship between Russia and China. Apart from the two mentioned above, the book of Daniel 11:44 says that the 'tidings' coming from the east and the north would be troubling, and therefore there will be great fury and destruction, which would result in the deaths of many people.

These are merely speculations, but could the United States of America have something to say about this? Will its domination of the west soon fall by the hand of these rising superpowers? If so, is the Western Giant doing something - anything - to stop it?

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The motives behind China and Russia's relationship as nations are still unknown. Could this all be part of a scheme for world domination?

This may all sound like one huge conspiracy theory, but perhaps it's worth a shot. What can you say about this? Share your ideas in the comment section below, and leave a reaction as well!-MB, Kami Media

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