Hot grandpa earns thousands of fans

Hot grandpa earns thousands of fans

- Irvin Randle, 54, became an online sensation after being hailed as the hottest grandpa

- Despite his age, females are smitten with him, still looking good and sexy after all these years

- His photos had been shared by thousands of women and had trended on Twitter with #MrStealYourGrandpa

The world has just gotten a whole lot smaller with the introduction of social media apps to the current generation. Even if you hail from the other side of the globe, you could still be up to date with all the events from the opposite end. This has resulted in bringing people closer as they share stories and photos in different platforms, even managing to highlight particular individuals for a certain trait they possess.

Lately, women had been fussing over a 54-year old man who, despite his age, had managed to age gracefully – and this did not go unappreciated by the female population.

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Irvin Randle who resides in Texas has been thrown under the spotlight for being a hunk, in which prompted a lot of people to identify him as the ‘hottest grandpa in the world.’ Regardless that he is over half a century old; you could not deny he still looks fit and sexy! He instantly became an internet sensation when his photos had been shared and talked about by thousands of women.

The talk of the town proved that there is no such thing as to dress according to your age as he flaunts his remarkably good sense of fashion to everyone. He could easily wear a laid back outfit or a preppy ensemble with no one complaining – anything looks good on the old guy! He admits of receiving help from fashion magazines as he confessed to be very conscious of what he wears.

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The elementary teacher and grandfather of two had no idea he had been taking the internet by storm as he trended on Twitter with #MrStealYourGrandpa until his daughter, Jessica, informed him. The news surprised him, not expecting the sudden outpour of attention. Despite not owning an account from the aforementioned website nor knowing what ‘trending’ means, he attracted more than 100,000 followers on his Instagram account.

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