Children write hilarious answers on exams

Children write hilarious answers on exams

- Some kids choose the funny way out of an exam when they don’t have any idea on what to answer

- While several appeal to children’s youthful innocence, the others are simply downright clever

- One even succeeded on having his teacher comment on his paper with a ‘Very funny, Peter’

Children write hilarious answers on exams

The teacher instructed Peter to expand the equation and he literally did (Photo from

While there are students who refuse to enter the classroom unprepared – even pulling all-nighters for the sake of their academic performance – there are some who just simply can’t be bothered. Unfortunately, not everyone was gifted with brains suited to face an exam paper with no study session happening the night before. These youngsters proved to be perfect examples that if you can’t pull through with the correct answer, just impress your teachers with your sense of humor! You might even land an A for effort.

These kids’ answers reflected their sarcasm or total innocence – as some are just even downright witty - we bet even the teachers possibly had a difficult time on suppressing a smile.

One pupil decided to rename the quadrilaterals with what she deemed fit to them, naming a square a ‘Bob,’ a rhombus ‘Sam,’ and the rest with other names while the choices for the correct answer was just right below her name!

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A youngster suggested what he considers as the perfect solution to overpopulation – the Hunger Games. He no longer needed to explain further. However, for those who do not understand the reference, his answer was a dystopian trilogy which had recently finished its final film installment wherein the youth between 12 and 18 are selected in random to battle each other to death in an arena.

When asked to give the difference between 8 and 6, a child described the appearance of the numbers, saying that 8 is ‘all curly’ while the latter is not.

Children write hilarious answers on exams

While the aforementioned took note of the question’s looks, this student focused on the cell’s feelings. Has the instruction confused this child or he just merely refused to pick between the signs?

A student thinks that the solution for overpopulation is Hunger Games (Photo from

Children write hilarious answers on exams

A pupil differentiated numbers 8 and 6 (Photo from

Children write hilarious answers on exams

Another pupil felt that the first cells were probably lonely (Photo from

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The teacher should at least give credit for this student’s honesty when he was repeatedly asked if he was practicing the multiplication table.

Another kid, who was asked what has ended in 1896, probably scribbled his answer with an eye roll and an internal ‘duh.’

Finally, a pupil managed to rise out a reaction from his professor after taking the mathematical question literally.

Children write hilarious answers on exams

This pupil was so honest, he answered the question repeatedly (Photo from

Children write hilarious answers on exams

This kid actually wrote 1895 when asked what ended in 1896 (Photo from


Children write hilarious answers on exams

This pupil felt scared, thinking that the table has feelings (Photo from

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