Cagayan governor wants Enrile statue in capitol removed

Cagayan governor wants Enrile statue in capitol removed

- Cagayan Governor Manuel Mamba ordered the demolition of the Enrile statue in the capitol grounds of Cagayan

- He claimed it violates the law prohibiting the putting up of statues for persons who are still alive

- Mamba also said that Enrile has not done anything for his province to be worthy of such recognition

Cagayan governor wants Enrile statue in capitol removed

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During the press conference on the recent issue of the P900 million peso worth of confiscated shabu in Cagayan, a question was asked directed to him about the recent demolition of the Juan Ponce Enrile statue at the capitol.

"Nakita n'yo kahapon, pinatanggal natin 'yung rebulto ni Enrile sa harap ng Capitol. Nagtataka ako na pinapayagan na magkaroon ng rebulto ang isang taong buhay pa," he answered.

(As you witnessed yesterday, July 4, we had the statue of Enrile in front of the capitol demolished. I was wondering why the putting up of a figure of a still-living person is allowed)

According to him, the public display of statues of living persons is a violation of the law.

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He also added that regardless of him being still alive or not, Enrile is not worthy of such a grand recognition. He is indicted with plunder. And the Enrille leadership is not that efficient only leaving the province in shack and is notorious for being a location for illegal activities.

Enrile was charged with plunder in the pork barrel scam and was detained in Camp Crame until 2014.

Mamba released a statement explaining the recent demolition activity.

He said that this monument is just a reminder for all the people of the province about the Erile and his cronies’ continued culture of impunity. Graft and corruption is rampant in the province, he added.

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Mamba is known to be at longstanding war with the Enrile clan and during his campaigns, he focused on eradicated the Enriles in Cagayan.

It was in 1984 that then Cagayan Governor Justiniano Cortez who ordered the statue be built to thank Enrile for his support for the province.

As what Mamba said, Enrile helped Cortez win the elections through fraudulent means. And last May 2016 elections, Jack Enrile, his son lost in the Congressional race in the first District of Cagayan, being the first Enrile loss in record.

For the current governor, the said loss was the beginning of the new era for a better Cagayan, as symbolized by the demolition.

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