17-year-old fulfilled bucket list after saving a life

17-year-old fulfilled bucket list after saving a life

- Rebecca Townsend's bucket list consist of the following items: a kiss under the rain, see Spain, and save someone’s life

- She was able to accomplish everything, included saving a life which caused her death

- Her friends decided to honor her by setting up a fundraiser and encouraged people to do acts of kindness

Everyone has a set of list they wish to accomplish in their lifetime. It could range from the simplest of things – paint a landscape or get a summer job – to the most noble, such as saving a life.

Rebecca Townsend considered it, and wrote it on her bucket list back in December 2012 for a high school homework. She included almost every girl’s fantasy; a kiss in the rain, to be able to visit Spain, and to save a life – clarifying that she would prefer to have it done in a safe way. Unfortunately, she did not get her wish.

17-year-old fulfilled bucket list after saving a life

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The 17-year-old was able to tick off the first two over the past two and a half years. Rebecca and her boyfriend shared a sweet moment under a rainy day, and she took a trip to Spain with her parents.

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It was on the second day of July last year that she cleared her bucket list, but with a price. She was on her way home with her friend, Ben Arne. They were on their way home after a great time at a fireworks show and was walking near the campus of Western Connecticut State University when she noticed a speeding car was headed to their direction. With no doubts nor second thoughts, Rebecca pushed her friend out of the way – indeed saving a life, in the cost of her own.

People mourned her loss, and her sister described how she was, above all else, kind. Rebecca suffered bullying when she was younger, but she refused to continue the cycle of hatred. Instead, she took the experience as a challenge and focused on befriending everyone – and she was successful.

17-year-old fulfilled bucket list after saving a life

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Following the terrible accident, her friends formed a fundraiser under her name, through the organization Rebecca founded – She’s The First. The association aimed to provide assistance to poor girls who could not afford an education by funding.

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For the fundraiser, her friends requested for other people to spread the kindness she was hoping to do so, and to try and live with joy and gratitude daily. They created a Facebook page called ‘Remembering Rebecca’ and urged people to pay forward the kindness they receive and to do something that matters.

She may have gone too soon, but the influence she had has certainly left behind. The response the page has been receiving was beyond what they expected, with people going out and doing good deeds – some chose to do it by treating a complete stranger to a drink, while there were even some who decided to donate blood and even set up a drive.-HB, Kami Media

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