WATCH: 6 Horrific traffic accidents caused by reckless driving

WATCH: 6 Horrific traffic accidents caused by reckless driving

In a 2015 survey involving 50 million users of a GPS-based navigation app called Waze, Metro Manila was voted as having the worst traffic in the world. The heavy traffic in Metro Manila causes a lot of Pinoy motorists to break traffic rules, ignore safe driving techniques, and lose their patience and temper while driving.

However, doing any of those things can cause accidents which can then lead to injuries and deaths. Here are some of the most horrendous traffic accidents caught on video to motivate you to drive more safely on the road.

Different groups all around the world have always warned drivers to be careful on the road, because otherwise, their destination would be different from their plans. Campaign against reckless driving have circulated the internet. Surely, people don't want to end up in these horrifying situations, a compilation of road accidents caught on video.

1. Texting while driving

Many motorists are guilty of this irresponsible act. No matter how important your text message or phone call might be, your life and the lives of other people on the road are infinitely more important. Thankfully, the MMDA has become stricter with violators, with harsher penalties and CCTV cameras all around Metro Manila checking for violations. This video shows what could happen if you text while you drive.

2. Counterflow

Do you counterflow whenever the vehicles in front of you are too slow or if the traffic on your side of the road has become too heavy? Counterflowing is a display of arrogance, insensitivity and impatience and it can also kill people.

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3. Road rage

Road rage is very common in Metro Manila. The heavy traffic and the reckless drivers on the road are capable of making the most patient and gentle people turn into angry and vengeful drivers. The driver in this video showing his middle finger to another driver out of anger ends up crashing his car. Road rage is never worth it.

4. Sleepy driver

If you are driving and you suddenly feel sleepiness, parking somewhere safe to take a nap first is recommended. This is the same as drunk driving – not having all of your faculties is never a good idea when driving. You will only kill yourself, your passengers and other people on the road.

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5. Beating the red light

The reason why many drivers try to beat the red light is because they just cannot bear to wait for the next green light to come. Never forget that patience is a virtue.

6. Cutting traffic

One of the most important rules when changing lanes is to check carefully if you have a safe distance from approaching vehicles. Cutting traffic without checking your side mirror will increase your risk for collisions.

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You surely don't want to be next, so take extra care when you're on the road. If these videos didn't bother you, I'm not sure what else would. Share this to your friends and warn them of the dangers of reckless driving. -DN, Kami Media



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