Compilation of #PakGanern memes

Compilation of #PakGanern memes

- Filipinos have once again proven their wit and humor by replacing famous lines with Pak Ganern

- Author Mark Anicas shared an album on Facebook compiling Park Ganern memes

- Even President Duterte's famous lines didn't get away with the trend

The wit of Filipino netizens has always rocked social media. From very relatable hugot lines accompanied with screengrabs from movies to short  fan fictions with sexual undertones involving famous icons, the social media is truly a gold mine.

With roots from gay lingo, Pak Ganern started out as an expression you always hear from your gay friend. Until it became universal; Until it was mainstreamed in the form of memes.

Art of Hugot book author Mark Anicas took this expression to another level. He dedicated a whole album for Pak Ganern memes. He said that he already saw some tweets of Pak Ganern lines on Twitter even before he came up with the album. "I already have seen some of these on Twitter and I guess it's too good not to be shared with the people on Facebook. I think everyone deserves a good laughter," said Anicas.

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Below are some of the memes that will surely make you Pak your Ganern!

Aside from the album, the author also dared Netizens to make iconic lines even more iconic by replacing some words with Pak Ganern themselves.

(Photos from Facebook/Mark Anicas)

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As expected, Filipinos stormed the post and hurled the wittiest and funniest lines they could think of. Some posts read:

"I don't make love. I pak ganern."

Famous political figures also became subjects of the humor.

"Para kayong mga pak na naniniwala sa pag-ibig ng isang ganern." -Heneral Luna

"I shall Pak Ganern." -McArthur

President Rodrigo Duterte himself didn't get away with the online hype. Some of his famous lines were also Ganerned.

"Do your pak, and I will ganern for you."

"I love the Philippines, it is the pak of my people, it is the land of my ganern."

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Humor is truly a huge part of our identity as Filipinos. If you're having a bad day and would want to have a good laugh, just go to Facebook or Twitter and you'll be surprised how your day would brighten up.




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