It is not okay to do a live sexy dance in China

It is not okay to do a live sexy dance in China

- Sexy dancer gets banned by Chinese government after lives streaming her sexy dance

- The dancer wore skimpy outfits while dancing inside the bathroom and live streaming via YY

- She is uploading her sexy dance routines via another social network

The Internet used in China were in for a treat after a woman live streamed herself dancing inside a comfort room fully dressed. However, the treat was cut short after the Chinese government shut down her live video stream.

Song Zixin, a talented Chinese dancer, attracted at least 100,000 giddy viewers as she sexy danced in front of a camera streamed live. She was doing some sexy bathroom routine while inviting viewers to subscribe to her channel.

Her move, unfortunately, resulted to the closing of her account after the China’s China’s prudish state authorities discovered the activity. The government’s decision gathered negative and positive opinions from netizens.

For others, the sexy video was not vulgar at all as the dancer was shown with full clothing. For the others, the decision by the government was just right as the dancer’s clothes were too skimpy plus the setting was inappropriate.

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In the video, one can see Zixin twerking on a lavatory and busting moves around the bathroom. She was wearing a so-called Daisy Duke denim shorts on some parts of the clip and them a skin-tight pink dress on the latter part.

Her video was shown on YY – a Chinese social network with at least 300 million users as of present.

However, there is not stopping Zixin even after the government just closed her account. She has resorted to other online outlets, including Panda TV, and continues to post videos showing similar dance routines and other moves of self-expression.

It was China’s State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television that removed Zixin’s account on YY. The same outlet has also banned “cam girls” from posting videos of themselves, including videos of them eating bananas in a seductive way.

The country has been known and has been questioned for implementing super-strict Internet regulations.

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