Prankster ditches 'jet-digging' woman to teach her a lesson

Prankster ditches 'jet-digging' woman to teach her a lesson

- YouTube prankster shows a video of a jet-digging woman who ditched her boyfriend for a ride to Miami

- The prankster met the woman outside a train station and started a conversation

- The woman was reluctant at first but suddenly agreed to go with him upon mentioning that he owns a private jet

Lesson learned: Do not ditch your boyfriend for some fancy flights to Miami. Just don’t ditch your boyfriend for anything else, unless it’s an emergency or a life-or-death situation.

Coby Persin, a YouTube prankster, convinces random woman to leave her boyfriend and go with him for a private jet ride to Miami. However, the woman was in for a surprise after Persin left her on the runway.

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Everything started when Persin, who has at least 2.3 million subscribers, approached a woman while outside a train station, started a conversation, and then convinced her to ditch her boyfriend in exchange for a wonderful time with him in Miami. To make it realistic and believable, Persin wowed the woman with his ‘private jet’.

The woman, known as Lauren, first said that she cannot go with him as she was waiting for her boyfriend to arrive. Persin can be heard saying that he would leave her alone then. However, Persin came after her and asked for her Instagram account so they could be friends. That was when Persin’s friends came in the picture.

“Hey Coby. The jet's leaving in 20 minutes. We have to go,” one of the boys said.

Upon hearing about the private jet, she began to change the way she talks and then decided that she would go with the group.

“You have a jet?” Laura asked. “Yeah, we're just here on business but we're going to Miami and then we're coming back here later because we have a meeting in New York,” Persin responded.

Laura then got inside Persin’s car together with two other guys. Upon arriving on the airport, they got inside the jet. Laura then called her boyfriend and told him that she cannot make it to their date as she suddenly got sick.

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Before they took off, Persin asked Laura to take a photo of him from outside the jet. Once off the jet, the private jet took off, leaving her on the middle of the runway.

However, just before leaving, Persion told the girl: “Actually, I don’t do ‘jet-diggers.’ You’re not coming to my jet. Get her off. She is not supposed to be here.”

The video has been watched at least 4,839,339 times since it was uploaded on June 27.

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