China warns US on South China Sea dispute

China warns US on South China Sea dispute

- An extreme nationalist newspaper from China claimed that US’ deployment of carrier battle groups imposes threats to their national security

- It had also sparked fear and worry as they warned US to pay a cost if they intervened between the dispute

- China’s government sought to assure that they are committed to peace but refused to accept any decisions from a third party to resolve the clash

China warns US on South China Sea dispute

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An editorial from China’s Global Times newspaper claimed that despite its country preferring peace and welcoming dialogues regarding the dispute in South China Sea, they are ready for any ‘military confrontation’ if ever the United States decided to intervene.

China sees the Washington’s deployment of two carrier battle groups around the region as a ‘direct threat to national security.’ The strongly-worded editorial confessed of its country promising the Western nation to ‘pay a cost it cannot stand’ despite not being able to keep with its military for short-term if Washington decided to play by force.

With just a week before the International Court of Arbitration in The Hague would release its ruling on the South China Sea dispute between China and Philippines, the former states that such only poses more threat on their integrity in maritime and territorial sovereignty. It was 3 years ago when the Philippines had filed a complaint, requesting the court to rule on who owns the clashed Spratly Islands.

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Furthermore, the Global Times had called the arbitration a ‘farce’ and that Beijing would not acknowledge the ruling.

In addition, Beijing had informed the masses through People’s Daily that they will conduct a routine naval exercise. The aforementioned activity would cover the east of China’s Hainan Island until the Paracel Islands, another disputed area.  The editorial from the state-run newspaper shared that despite having the drill cause fear in people, they consider this as a countermeasure against the US.

However, the Chinese government has been trying to downplay fears regarding the South China Sea dispute following the newspaper’s release, which has been known for its extreme nationalist views. Its Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Hong Lei, assured that Beijing was dedicated to peace and promised to continue working with ASEAN. He also added that neither decisions imposed by a third party nor one forced upon China would help solve the problem.

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As for Manila, they also announced to be committed to peace; not wanting to resolve any disputes through violence, as Philippines Foreign Minister Perfecto Yasay says. He insisted that President Duterte wished to maintain healthy and strengthen their ties with everybody, including China and the United States. - HB, Kami Media

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