Joey and Angie Mead King kiss in short video

Joey and Angie Mead King kiss in short video

- Ian King is now known as Angelina ‘Angie’ Mead King

- Angie and her wife, Joey Mead, were seen kissing in a short clip

- Actress Iza Calzado, who is good friends with the couple, has been supportive of their relationship as well as their family

Kapamily actress Iza Calzado shared on her Instagram account a clip of model/host Joey Mead kissing her husband-now-trans-woman Angelina Mead King.

Formerly known as Ian King, Mead’s husband continues to work as an entrepreneur and still exhibits a passion for cars. Her husband's family is also well-known for owning the Victoria Court motels in the country.



King’s coming out made headlines last weekend, as he is now known as Angelina ‘Angie’ Mead King. Netizens expressed their support, and King has never been more thankful for their acceptance.

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Calzado, who previously dated Angie’s brother, Atticus, shared the clip on the social media site last Monday, July 4. 


Took a snap of these 2 people whose love for each has amazed me through the years. Thank you for inspiring us with this kind of LOVE,” the first few lines of her caption read.

She also expressed her happiness for her friend with the post.

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I am also very happy for your new found freedom @hailtothe_queen_. I am not surprised by the amount of love and support that people are giving you now. You are a good person and people love you no matter what gender you choose because you have always shown them (us) kindness and compassion. Traits which you got from your dad. I know that he’s smiling in Heaven and he is so proud of and happy for you.

Mad love and respect for you guys @hailtothe_king and @joeymeadking. Mabuhay!”

King also shared the clip on her Instagram account, which she captioned with “This is LOVE @joeymeadking” along with her usual hashtags such as #transgender, #betruebeyou and #lovewins.

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On Tuesday, July 5, the King family commemorated two births and a death – the first year death anniversary of their patriarch Archie, the birthday of Atticus King and the ‘rebirth’ of Ian King as Angie.



Calzado joined them and posted on Instagram that she has always felt like family with the Kings.

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In an interview with Tim Yap for the Philippine Star, Angie said she started to wear women’s clothes when she was still a kid. She shared that she used to sneak into the maid’s room and tried on her clothing, since she grew up in an almost motherless home.   


In 2012, she created her previously private Instagram account - @hailtothe_queen_ - to express the other side that has been longing to come out.

Despite her revelation, she affirmed that she maintains her preference for women.

I like women. Soft, curvy, yeah, no body hair,” she told Yap.

She admitted she is in a current state of ‘dreaming’, as she could not believe that this ‘beautiful dream’ is unfolding right before her.

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