Pacquiao to attend senate sessions more

Pacquiao to attend senate sessions more

- After being deemed with the most number of absences on his past term, Pacquiao proclaims he is now ready to attend sessions regularly

- Despite doubts against his competence for the job, he assures that common sense is all he need

- He is confident that with divine guidance, he would be able to learn the Constitution in the similar way he was able to memorize the Bible

Pacquiao to attend senate sessions more

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International boxing sensation and senator Manny Pacquiao is willing to turn over a new leaf regarding his attendance in senate sessions.

During his past term as a congressman, he was at the top of the list with the most frequent absences, along with Negros Occidental Representative Jules Ledesma. They were only able to attend 108 out of 168 sessions in the 15th Congress.

Pacquiao was honest to confess that one of the reasons he had been a perennial absentee during his previous term was because of training. He also explained that he had been present on some occasions but his attendance was not counted since he was not able to arrive at the specific floor of the session.

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However, the neophyte senator now claims that he is ready to attend regularly, in addition that he will be busy as he will be having committees.

When asked if he is finally ready to quit his boxing career, he admitted of not being fully sure yet but was quick to assure that his mind and body is focused on his duties as a senator.

The world boxing champion is also confident that he would be able to keep up with his colleagues in the senate. He asserted that all he needed was common sense in order to offer a sensible opinion that would matter, saying that it is not all about intelligence and a good set of debating skills.

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Possibly, this confidence came from undergoing a 9-day crash course about governance barely a month before he assumed his position as a senator. It was said that the course aimed to brief the senator about key issues on nation-building, covering several topics such as social graces and protocols, foreign policy, health, education, the West Philippine Sea, and more.

Pacquiao also emphasized on how his fear for the Lord would play a significant role on his work. He spoke about how divine guidance would not allow him to steal and be doer of evil deeds. The pastor was also willing to invite his colleagues into Bible studies as long as they are willing to do so.

With his heart set on the right path, he says that he would be able to familiarize himself with the Constitution just like how he was able to memorize the Bible. -HB, Kami Media

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