WATCH: Police hit unarmed protesters in China

WATCH: Police hit unarmed protesters in China

- Thousands of protesters demanded to put a stop to the plan of building an incinerator in fear that it may contaminate a drinking water source

- The peaceful protest turned into a violent one as seen in a rare footage

- A police was caught on a video hitting unarmed protesters with a baton

- The department of the district released a statement that the violence was started by some troublemakers

In a rare footage that has been spreading across different platforms of social media, police were caught hitting unarmed protesters with a baton who were crouching on the ground or leaning against a wall.

The situation that arose thousands of protesters began when authorities formed plans of building a new incinerator in Guangdong province in China. The people were against this as they fear that the plant, generating power as well, would contaminate a nearby drinking water source, the Xi River.

After learning of the dilemma, roughly 1,000 protesters came up last month but it was only last Saturday when the Lubu government declared a halt to the project. This did not convince the people as they consider the halt to only be temporary in order to hold their protest.

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In the hopes of having the plan scrapped permanently, they decided to hold a bigger protest, having able to gather about 10,000 protesters last Sunday. They came from various villages in the Lubu township and held the protest which lasted for about 6 hours.

Lubu’s main streets and a national highway were filled with people demanding to put a stop on the built of the incinerator.

However, what the residents wished was a peaceful protest took a violent turn. A 23-year old protester who requested to remain anonymous recalled that they were in a stand-off with the police for a long period of time.

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A number of small-scale trouble erupted into something bigger as some people also ended up becoming emotional for their cause. He explained that Lubu is upstream and many people downstream were drinking the water from the Xi River, which would highly be contaminated if the incinerator were to be pushed through.

On the other hand, the propaganda department of Zhaoqing’s Gaoyao district thought otherwise. They released a statement, saying that residents were confused by the truth and were led by troublemakers into attacking the police, injuring some officers in the process.

This proceeded for the department to call out to the attackers and asked them to surrender while requesting the other protesters to leave. In a later post, they informed that 1 police had been injured and 21 people had been taken away to be questioned. -HB, Kami Media

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