Pacquiao supports death penalty by hanging

Pacquiao supports death penalty by hanging

- Senator Manny Pacquiao has revealed that he favors execution by hanging instead of lethal injection

- According to Pacquiao, lethal injection would require the services of doctors who are prohibited by the law from killing people

- The senator added that everyone in the Philippines should be punished if they commit a crime, no matter what their status in life is

Aside from restoring the death penalty in the Philippines, newly-elected Senator Manny Pacquiao would also favor executing criminals by hanging.

The retired boxer explained that he prefers to hang convicted criminals who committed heinous crimes.

“So may exemptions, 'yung heinous crimes. Ang nilagay natin' yung rape with murder, of course nandiyan na rin drugs, drug trafficking, kidnap for ransom, robbery with murder, 'yan 'yung mga heinous crimes,” Pacquiao told reporters on Monday, July 4.

Pacquiao supports death penalty by hanging

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As to why he prefers hanging compared to lethal injection, the boxer-turned-senator said that the latter mode of execution would involve the services of doctors who are prohibited by the law from taking lives.

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“Para sa akin, 'yung bitay, mas ano pa. Kasi yung lethal injection, ano naman may rules din ba, or may batas din ang mga doctors na bawal din silang pumatay ng tao,” he said.

(In my opinion, hanging is preferable. With lethal injection, there are rules or laws that prohibit doctors from killing people.)

Pacquiao, an evangelical pastor, justified his views on executing criminals by citing verses from the Bible, particularly Romans 13:1-7 – which talks about submitting oneself to the rules and laws of the government. According to Pacquiao, the death penalty is constitutionally and biblically acceptable.

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However, many Bible enthusiasts have called out Pacquiao on the verses he used to justify the death penalty. Pacquiao’s critics explained that according to the Acts 5:29, people should not follow the laws and decrees of men if they go against the commandments of God.

"We must obey God rather than men,” the Bible verse says.

Pacquiao added that everyone – including the wealthy citizens and the public servants – should be punished by the law if they commit a crime.

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The death penalty was abolished in 1987 but it was still provided for criminals who committed heinous crimes. It was then reimposed in 1993 but was completely abolished again in 2006. President Rodrigo Duterte has said that he wanted to restore the death penalty during his term in order to have retribution against criminals. - DN, Kami Media

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