This out-of-the-ordinary Disney style proposal will win your heart

This out-of-the-ordinary Disney style proposal will win your heart

It’s hard to imagine the day more important for any woman than a wedding date. Girls begin to dream about their wedding dress, veil, bouquets for bridesmaids and color of shoes long before they master the first handwriting...

Every detail of this event must be perfect, so the girls start the preparation for the celebration as early as possible, thinking over every little thing and changing previously approved a plan for several times. However, it is worth noting, there is one issue (though not connected to the wedding directly), which doesn’t fall within the scope of their control, no matter how hard they might try. We are talking about a marriage proposal which, in the opinion of every lady, must be as unforgettable as the procedure itself. Not all guys manage to cope with the task, but the heroine of the below video may include the performance organized by her boyfriend to the most memorable moments of her life.

Rather unusual and touching gesture, isn't it? The man both took into account all the nuances and arranged an unusual surprise, at the same time demonstrating his future wife that he knows and respects her interests and ready to do everything to please her.


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