What it means if urine changes color

What it means if urine changes color

Your health is your treasure. It is a foundation for your success and career. So, pay special attention to some of the indicators, such as you urine color.

What it means if urine changes color

Urine can tell much about your health. And you even do not have to run any tests to see, if something goes wrong. Just examine the color of it.

What is the standard urine color?

Golden to light yellow color is normal for a healthy person’s urine. It also depends on how much water you consume. The more you drink, the lighter the color would be.

Possible color changes of urine and what they signify:

Red urine

There is only one thing that turns this liquid such a color – it is blood. However, the reasons for having blood cells in your urine can vary. For instance, some medications have such side effects. Stones in kidneys can also manifest by reddish urine color. Or, it can testify of some infection in the system.

Dark brownish urine

It means you are not drinking enough of water, and your body gets dehydrated. Such a situation can kill you in a hot climate.

Orange urine

Some vitamins and drugs can turn your urine orange, for instance taking Vitamin B or antibiotics can cause such an effect. Or it can signify of the liver damage.

Greenish or bluish urine

It can mean you have a UTI, or you have eaten some food with a lot of coloring in it.

What to do if your urine changes its color?

If you experience no pain or other health problems, wait a day and see, if the color changes back to normal. If it does not, seek medical help and go through a series of tests to get the diagnose and proper treatment.


Source: KAMI.com.gh

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