JMB responsible for Dhaka siege

JMB responsible for Dhaka siege

- The Islamic State has claimed that they were responsible for the bombings and attacks on their neighboring countries

- Bangladesh’s Home Minister debunked ISIS’ claims and said that the suspects were from a local militant group

- Members of Jamaeytul Mujahdeen Bangladesh reportedly came from the upper echelon of society

Reports have identified that the jihadists who killed 20 hostages at a Dhaka café were members of Jamaeytul Mujahdeen Bangladesh, a group which has been banished in the country for over a decade.

Members of the group were said to be well-educated men who came from university, and most came from wealthy families.

JMB responsible for Dhaka siege

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According to Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan, the group probably became Islamist militants because it was trendy.

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On Friday night, 20 people were taken in as hostages and killed at a café in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The hostages, who were mostly Italian and Japanese, were killed by multiple stabbings from sharp weapons made locally.

However, there were some who survived – one Japanese, two Sri Lankans and a couple of Bangladeshi.

Some sources said that the victims sustained deep wounds on their necks and throats.

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Two police officers also died the night before, and six gunmen were killed by security forces during a siege that ensued the following morning.

The names and photos of the six suspects have now been released by the police, and a rumored seventh shooter was reportedly arrested and is now under interrogation by Bangladesh’s intelligence officers.

The home minister also said that Jamaeytul Mujahdeen Bangladesh does not have connections with ISIS, despite the claims of the infamous militant group that they were responsible for the attack.

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ISIS has claimed responsibility for the other attacks in neighboring countries, such as the bombing on Istanbul Atatürk airport a week ago which killed 48 people and left 239 people injured.

JMB responsible for Dhaka siege

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Their latest claim now is the recent bombing in a Baghdad market which killed 80 people and left 160 people injured.

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