Iranian 'Hulk' signed up to fight alongside Syria

Iranian 'Hulk' signed up to fight alongside Syria

- Sajad Gharibi is a 24-year old Iranian powerlifter known for his massive size and impressive muscles

- Gharibi shot to internet fame with over 121,000 followers on Instagram

- Iran and Syria are close strategic allies with Iran providing combat troops to curtail Syria’s civil war

Many of us fancy the idea to be endowed with super-enhanced powers like speed, telekinesis, teleportation, and superhuman strength possessed by many characters in the Marvel universe. For many of us, this will remain a dream but for Sajad Gharibi, he is closer than any of us will ever be.

Gharibi dubbed himself as the 'Persian Hercules'. In his Instagram account, he showed off his Hulk-like appearance by posing shirtless with his arms flexed. Unlike others obsessed with their lifting routines, Gharibi’s account lack any of those. He would usually pose with a kind and friendly smile.


The Persian Hercules is reported to weigh a massive 340 pounds and can lift up to 400 kilograms – more than his body weight! When flexed, his arm measures 64 centimeters or a whopping 25 inches.

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In an interview, Gharibi claimed that he “never used any kind of supplement, steroid, or hormone” in order to achieve his extraordinary physique. When asked about his first gym experience, Gharibi said that it was 'really unpleasant'. He was 15 years old then. “Everyone was so buff and I was so tiny,” he said.  Apart from powerlifting, Gharibi is also into boxing and body building. He said that he is interested to get into professional wrestling with the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).  

Despite reaching Internet fame, the Iranian Hulk remains incredibly humble.

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“I hope to God I can make my country proud,” he said.

He makes good on this by signing up with the Iranian forces to fight alongside Syria in order to defend Shia Muslim shrines against the Islamic State and other attackers.

Syria is currently involved in a devastating civil war stemming from a severe drought that has plagued the nation back in 2007 to 2010. Today, the conflict is now on its sixth year. Syrian forces have been halved and President Bashar al-Assad has relied on Iranian troops to support its mission.

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