Kris supports Duterte’s administration

Kris supports Duterte’s administration

- Queen of All Media, Kris Aquino, answered some controversial questions regarding President Duterte on lifestyle-talk show, Yan ang Morning!

- This was Kris’ first tv guesting after spending a two-month vacation abroad with her family

- Kris was one of the principal sponsors of Yan ang Morning! host, Marian Rivera-Dantes wedding

The tables have been turned on former talk show Kris Aquino as she was placed in the hot seat by host Marian Rivera-Dantes. In one of the show’s segments, Kris was asked to flash either a pink thumbs up or thumbs down sign in response to several questions. Topics ranged from President Duterte to AlDub to being a single mother.

Marian introduced the question and answer portion by saying that everyone knows how opinionated and frank Kris is. We can all agree on that. Curious as to what she said regarding the incumbent president? Read on.

Kris supports Duterte’s administration

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For her first question, Marian asked, “Duterte bilang bagong presidente natin?” (Duterte as the new president?)

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Kris quickly flashed the thumbs up sign in support of the incumbent President stating that “I think we live in a democracy and siya ang pinili ng tao so in the same way na not everyone voted for Noy in 2010 but a lot of people gave him a chance. So tayo… bilang mga taxpayers at mga citizens, diba dapat suportahan natin kasi kung hindi natin susuportahan ang bansa rin lang naman natin ang mag-susuffer at tayo iyun.”

(I think we live in a democracy and he was one chosen by the people. So in the same way that not everyone voted for Noy in 2010 but a lot of people gave him a chance. So us.. as taypayers and citizens, shouldn’t we support (him) because if we don’t support (him), our country will suffer and that is us.)

Former president Benigno Aquino III garnered 15,208,678 votes or 42.08% of the total votes during the 2010 presidential elections. President Duterte, on the other hand, received 16,601,997 votes or 39.01% of the total votes.

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Kris’ response drew cheers and applause from the audience.

Marian followed up and asked, “Noong nakasama mo siya ano iyong qualities niya na nagustuhan mo?” (When you were with him which of his qualities did you like?)

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“I was very upfront and dinerestso ko siya. And noong inikot niya ko sa Davao, I saw how clean and how disciplined it was there – doon talaga ako nabilib.”

(I was very upfront and I was straight with him. And when he toured me around Davao, I saw how clean and disciplined it was there – I was really impressed with that.)

Do you agree with Kris’ thoughts? - IS, Kami Media

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