Woman almost had an orgasm while having laser hair removal

Woman almost had an orgasm while having laser hair removal

- An anonymous woman proved laser hair removal to be far from painful when she felt sensual instead

- After having the cooling gel applied on her private area, she confessed of it feeling lube-y and the experience started to send her pleasure

- She was seconds away from an orgasm when she shut her legs, signaling the end of the session

Most ladies have second or third doubts about having a particular body part undergo laser hair removal. Thoughts that the experience may be painful, or too awkward to deal with float around their minds. One woman in particular though, had the best session (and it was her first time too) of having her nether region stripped of hair.

Woman almost had an orgasm while having laser hair removal

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The unnamed woman shared her experience on Glamour’s beauty site, Lipstick.com. It all began when she stumbled upon a discount coupon for the laser hair removal service, purchased it, and went to the salon in New York City.

She confessed of how she knew that she threw herself into a situation without much thinking, saying that she already felt ‘awkward’ from the start when the building’s doorman had an inkling of floor she was headed to. This moved her train of thought another inch forward – discerning that the man probably had an idea on what she was about to get done.

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Her gut feeling was shortly proved to be right after all after she was provided a questionnaire focusing on her hair removal regimen prior to the service, and of past diseases such as STD. Upon filling, she realized how the man had grabbed hold of too much information about her – ‘knowing her better than the men she had slept with.’ Despite her discomfort, she understood the meaning behind the process and was led to the examination room moments later.

She recalled having to take off all her clothes and lied down on the table. The service began with the technician applying cooling gel on her underarms first, and proceeded with the rest of the procedure. The woman noted that it was not painful at all, contrary to what most people say, but admitted to finding it ‘weird.’

But things just went from weird to weirder when the technician moved on concentrating on her bikini area. The cooling gel began to feel lube-y, and the pressure along with a circular motion from the heat of the laser had made her feel sensual. She tried to find the humor in the situation, laughing the scene off, until the technician grabbed her leg and threw it over her shoulder.

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The woman, feeling hot and heavy now, asserted that the technician ‘left no part of her anatomy untouched.’ She tried on focusing her breathing and was getting self-conscious, until she was seconds away on reaching her climax that she abruptly closed her legs and placed her feet back on the table.

The technician assumed that her actions was led of how the laser was too hot for her, and the woman, finding an escape present itself to her, agreed. This did not stop her from feeling a tinge of regret that the pleasurable experience had ended.

Despite herself, the woman found her current predicament still laughable as she was wiped down like a baby since she was covered with the gel. She felt strange after getting off the table and tipping the technician, considering her final actions the seal to a happy ending.

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