Dad finds daughter’s old sex toy

Dad finds daughter’s old sex toy

- A 25-year old woman got the shock of her life after receiving a message from her dad asking if she would still like to keep her old dildo

- She did not shy from the awkward situation and shared it on Facebook

- The post caught the attention of one of her friends who then put it up on Reddit, which had gone viral

What is the most embarrassing thing you can come up with that your parents could do for you? When you were 10, it could be your mom giving you a peck on the cheek after dropping you off at school. By 16, you would probably start feeling ashamed if they still insist on driving you around. So what could top off the list, after turning into an adult?

A 25-year old from United Kingdom did not see this coming – her father texting her, asking her if she would still want to keep the object. Attached to the message was a picture of her dildo, which her dad accidentally saw after cleaning out her room.

Dad finds daughter’s old sex toy

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She decided to see it in the comical side, though, as she took a screenshot of her dad’s message and posted it on her Facebook account with the caption, “The worst text you could ever receive from your old man.”

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One of her friends saw the humor on the situation, as well, as said friend shared it publicly on Reddit, becoming an instant hit with more than fifty thousand views and hundreds of comments.

A reaction different from the pair, some expressed how horrible the situation must have been if it were them. One user could not form a coherent thought as all she could say was ‘Shame. Shame. Shame,’ and another showed confusion to the entire predicament, asking why a person would post something akin to that, even in a private account.

There were numerous who offered silly advices and told of their own similar experiences. One account suggested turning the tables around, and putting the dad in the awkward situation instead – proposing to ask him on cleaning the device after not having the chance to do so, replace the batteries since she have been using it often, or even refuse to keep it anymore since she has long upgraded her choice of toys.

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Another recalled how she borrowed a pillow from her parents, and finding a dildo in one, or how a different user shared that a younger cousin found a strawberry lube and decided to eat it.

However, there were also some users who called out on father’s actions, saying that one should not even mention it and pretend the whole thing just did not happen. -HB, Media

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