Paolo Duterte to avoid media

Paolo Duterte to avoid media

- Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte said that their family will continue to avoid the media

- Avoiding public scrutiny is the main goal of the family

- The Vice Mayor explained that their family’s every action and statement will attract more public scrutiny now that they are officially the first family of the country

According to Davao City Mayor Paolo Duterte, his family would continue to shy away from the media during the six-year term of his father Rodrigo Duterte as the president in order to avoid further scrutiny, especially now that they are the new First Family of the Philippines.

“Being a Duterte, not only our jobs as government officials but also our actions will be under the scrutiny of the media. Kaya umiiwas kami sa media (That is why we would rather avoid the media),” Paolo Duterte explained.

Paolo Duterte to avoid media

DUTERTE. (Photo from abscbn)

When told by a reporter that the Duterte family cannot avoid the media, the Davao City Vice Mayor revealed that he was able to do so on Friday morning, when escaped the presence of media men in Davao City after attending the inauguration.

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Rodrigo Duterte began to shun the media after the “Reporters Without Borders” – an international media group – urged the Philippine media to boycott the president. The call for boycott came after Duterte seemingly tried to justify the media killings in the Philippines – which is considered as the second most dangerous place for journalists.

Duterte said that a majority of the journalists killed in the country deserved their horrible fate due to their alleged corruption. After hearing about the calls for boycott, the then President-elect stopped holding press conferences in order to prevent more blunders and misunderstandings.

During the inauguration on June 30, Duterte also closed the doors of the Malacañang Palace for the media except the state-owned television network PTV4. -DN, Kami Media

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