Propaganda rap video tells foreigners the truth about China

Propaganda rap video tells foreigners the truth about China

- Chinese Communist Youth League released propaganda rap video to clear out foreign impressions about China

-  The song explained how the people of China still love their country despite knowing the problems the country is facing

- The song was released to ask understanding from Western forces


Propaganda rap video tells foreigners the truth about China

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The Chinese Communist Youth League has released an English-language propaganda rap video on Tuesday that has gained 45,000 shares which aims to tell foreigners ‘the truth’ about China and its community.

With an opening lines saying: “Regardless of all the prejudices in the past, today I wanna restore the impression you have on my country, China which have been exactly fabricated by media for a long time,” the song entitled “This is China” is a collaboration between Chuckie whose real name is Wang Zixin from the rap group CD Rev, Pissy who wrote the song, and the Communist Youth League which tells foreigners that the Chinese people know the problems they are facing, and explained how these problems are too much for them to think about and mention, yet expressed how the people still love their country.

The song has tackled issues about air pollution, food and drug safety, corrupt politicians, and the issue with melamine-laced milk and expired vaccines. The song also implied that foreigners are not of any help but make the problems worse instead. Despite these issues, the song also mentioned how they are proud of their rich culture, aspiring people of the country, and development in scientific research.

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"This is a song for Westerners to understand China. We want Westerners to know that Chinese know our problems and we are trying to make a change.", Chuckie said

The song in general, pleads for the understanding of the foreigners to their country and to what the China and its people are currently facing. - AA, Kami Media

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Here is the full lyrics of the song:

Regardless of all the prejudices in the past

today I wanna restore the impression you have on my country, China

which have been exactly fabricated by media for a long time


As an individual citizen based in the south west of the country

I wanna spit it then

You guys can know better about what the truth is and

how Chinese people access their own country

and how much we don't wanna be disputants


First things first, we all know that China is developing country

it has large population and it is really hard to manage

especially after world war II, almost perished

I mean what I say is true, war is always scary


It is real that the pollution is severe at the present stage

in big cities like Beijing, Tianjin

Always pollution, haze

Similar to 1950s London and LA

It's painful with higher growth rate you see


People are too busy with business

everybody wanna have a better life

Make money, get married

But they are like the first or sec generation of rich

not well-educated

But now young men like us, aspiring and friendly



This is China

We love the country, we the chi-phenomena

The red dragon ain't no evil

But a peaceful place

The beautiful land with rich culture remain


It's really painful to point out the problems as they are too much for us to even think about and mention

The food and drug security event

Melamine Milk had affected so many babies

And they all suffered from malnutrition

What's more there was the Vaccination issue

Illegal business operation has caused expiration and led to

The panic in domestic

What's wrong with the businessmen

and it's reasonless to do business riding on them babies

the question is there were still somebody who wanted the situation to be worse

And their name is

You know who

They will get US dollar perks

The Spy, the trader, the liar and the monkey making jerks

They are leading the public into another extreme and it worked.


Also it's shameful to talk about some politicians

because of their corruption and malversation in bidding sections

Their sexual pics and the prostitution scandals

are all as a disgrace to the country and its people


You are prolly also confused about the situation in Taiwan

as you don't know the relationship between it and mainland

Actually, for normal citizens, we just want us to be united as one

cuz we think we are from one family, the same




Although the country does have these terrible things to deal with

We've made a progress and we are trying to prevent these happening

The power of Chinese people in China are gradually proving

that we can make a better world as love, peace and harmony


Through developing mobile payments

we can now use apps to pay in nearly all the situations

even to make an appointment with the doctors

We don't have to wait in line and try so hard, cost so much to just pay to register


Meanwhile we can trust the public security

cuz the policemen are kind to the citizens but crucial to our enemies

We have tight gun control laws and we don't fear gun slaughtering

cuz only cops and soldiers are able to touch it


As for scientific achievement we have Tu Youyou who discovered astemisinin

Also there are KBBF crystal and Shenzhou series in astronomy

We are now leading the developing or poor and backward countries

In technology, economy, science and other aspects

to make a better world just like the old, old history

Yes, we do want the recovery

just for a better living and and our great great China Dream

You see



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