Diver captures video of a giant shark eating another shark

Diver captures video of a giant shark eating another shark

- A diver captured a video of two tiger sharks fighting with each other

- The bigger tiger shark was able to eat the smaller shark

- The tiger shark is considered as the most dangerous shark for humans

It is 'Shark Week' in North America and what better way to celebrate than to watch a rare footage of a two tiger sharks fighting each other to death?

As expected, the bigger shark had no trouble defeating and devouring the smaller tiger shark. Sharks are some of the most fearsome and effective predators under the sea and their prey usually end up in their stomach.

However, the footage showed us that sharks should also be afraid of their fellow sharks. The diver who was able to capture the video was surely a brave one, as most people would swim as far away as possible from two hungry sharks.

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The video also showed that you can never let your guard down in the ocean even for just a moment.

The tiger shark, also known as the 'sea tiger',can grow as long as 16 feet. It is usually found in tropical and temperate parts of the ocean, especially around the central Pacific islands.

Diver captures video of a giant shark eating another shark
(photo credit: discovery.com)

It is a solitary predator that usually hunts at night and eats a variety of prey such as fish, seals, birds, crustaceans, sea snakes, squid, turtles and even smaller sharks like what we saw in the video. It is commonly on top of the food chain but has been occasionally preyed upon by the larger and more powerful killer whales.

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Although the attacks on humans are rare, the tiger shark is still considered to be responsible for a big percentage of shark attacks that have killed humans. Therefore, the tiger shark has become the most dangerous shark species for humans.

However, it is the tiger shark that should be scared of human beings and not the other way around. Tiger sharks are considered as a near threatened species due to the excessive hunting, finning and fishing conducted by humans.

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