Women want to be men - is that the real gender equality?

Women want to be men - is that the real gender equality?

Gender equality is a big issue today. Indeed, our world is not full of justice. And women suffer from it severely. However, when women become men, we get many grave consequences. So, are feminists wrong?

Women want to be men - is that the real gender equality?


Let’s get a Biblical point of view on this issue. The first fact is that feminism and gender equality is not the same thing. Bible tells us that both men and women are precious in the eyes of God. Both genders are created in His image and likeness. So, yes, men and women are equal, but… they are not the same.

The problem is not in the equality but in similarity. Women were never crafted by the Lord to compete with the men or to be like them. Instead, they were created to complete. Do you see the difference? Men and women complete each other. There is no conflict of interest there. They are equal but different. And that’s a very powerful union. However, when they preach the equality, i.e. similarity, things start to go wrong.

5 negative consequences of women becoming men

We are not discussing the transgender here. What we talk about is women competing with the men and trying to be masculine.

1. Families’ ruination

If a woman wants to be a man, then you get a gay couple! That’s what it is. You get two men married to each other. No wonder such families fall apart. Jesus said that no house divided in itself could stand. Constant fighting and arguments over headship kill love and ruin relations.

Women want to be men - is that the real gender equality?

2. Women become unhappy

When we talk women wanting to be men, we mostly view it from the male perspective. However, women are the ones who suffer the most. Surely, they are strong and capable enough to handle any male task, but can they be happy? I think, not.

They get to the top in their careers; they earn much money; they lead the game, but they cry long lonely hours at home. They feel heartbroken, because their feminine needs, created by God are not met. So, women are the first victims of the wrong kind of gender equality!

3. Kids suffer

Women want to be men - is that the real gender equality?

Children get hugely confused. They have no idea what a happy family should look like. They grow up and carry on that confusion into their families only to repeat their parents’ drama.

4. Men suffer

In most cases, men deal with tons of competition at work and in the society. If their women want to be men, they hugely increase that completion at home. Now instead of having their hideout, men are forced to compete with their own wives! That’s plainly too much strain.

5. The community suffers

Both the church and the society suffer from this problem. Families get ruined, and there is no stability, as they lay the foundation for the whole nation.

Women want to be men - is that the real gender equality?

The solution for the problem

So, should women give up all the dreams and stay at home to work for free? No! In the book of Ephesians chapter 5 (the marriage chapter) the instructions on how to live in the family start with the verse 21:

“Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ”

God tells us to complete instead of competing! If we have the fear of God, both men and women should submit to their partners. Jesus said that if you wish to be the biggest in the Kingdom of God, be the servant of all.

Women want to be men - is that the real gender equality?

Once both the man and the woman start serving one another out of humility and counting one another more important and higher than themselves, things get fixed. Husbands respect the dreams and aspirations of their wives in Christ. They no longer limit them and work together with God to help their spouses to fulfill their calling in life.

Women no longer “fight for their rights”. They have no reason for it. They can be accepted, loved and they can eagerly and willingly complete their husbands in everything. It’s a powerful alliance indeed! May God bless you and grant you wisdom to follow His peace and be the best version of you!Сохранить

Source: KAMI.com.gh

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