Man's physical transformation inspires netizens

Man's physical transformation inspires netizens


Believing that “a person's desire to change must be greater than his desire to stay the same,” Facebook user Dante Pascual Jr. posted a photo on his personal social media account on June 29. The before and after photo revealing his stark transformation has caught the attention of many and afforded netizens with much hope and inspiration.

Pascual’s post has already reached more than 70,000 likes and over 17,000 shares and counting.

Read on the entire story that made him realized “change must first come from the inside before you could begin to change the outside.”

Man's physical transformation inspires netizens

(Photo from Dante Pascual Jr Facebook)

Here is what Dante Pascual Jr. wrote:

"A year filled with memories and time has passed..... it has been 365 days since I made the commitment to change.

"I've been fat my whole life, I was a chubby kid, an obese teenager, and at 27 I weighed 151kg (332lbs). My life got complicated and it really hit me when my blood pressure shot up to 180/140 and my blood sugar reached 300. It was a difficult journey, more so, it was hard to battle with an eating habit and a lifestyle that I have been accustomed to.

"I realized I had to change. And the change must first come from the inside before I could begin to change outwardly.

"It took me 1 year to achieve this transformation. The journey was not easy, but it all started with my desire to change for the better.

"I was around 147kg (323lbs) when I started, now I'm down to 76kg (167lbs). I lost almost half of my body mass.

"I thought it was impossible for me to lose weight because I was in denial about my unhealthy lifestyle.

"When I started going to the gym, at first, I felt intimidated to walk into a room full of fit people. But they were surprisingly approachable, helpful and very encouraging.

"Eventually, I felt that this transformation project that I set out for myself would be fun, especially that I have a supportive family, friends and colleagues who backed me up.

"Along the way, I'm constantly setting new goals to inspire me to stick to my training. In the first 5 months I did a lot of HIIT, eliptical and cardio to trim down my huge body mass.

"I lost more than 40kg during my first 5 months. I remember that time I used to workout twice a day, 2 hours cardio in the morning and another 2 hours lifting training in the evening. The remaining months focused on strength and muscle building to minimize all the loose skins. I also changed my eating habits by choosing healthy and nutritious food and strictly counting my calorie intake daily.

"Many people are asking me what my secret was in losing weight. There is no secret, it's just discipline and commitment.

"Discipline because I had to choose between immediate gratification versus long term lifestyle change for a fit and healthier me.

"Now that I have achieved my goal, I decided to post about it to inspire others and make them believe that anything is possible if you put your heart into it.

"Plus it will save me time explaining to all the people I come across with how I made the transformation. Hehehe

"So just read on...

"Special thanks to Ateneo Fitness and Wellness Center and of course to Kit Navarroza for providing the tools, knowledge and motivation in this long and tedious journey.

"And now I can say, I'm ready to overcome all the challenges and everything that life has to offer.

"I believe that a person's desire to change must be greater than his desire to stay the same."

In the middle is Dante Pascual, the Naga City school sports consultant in April 2015.

Man's physical transformation inspires netizens

(Photo from Dante Pascual Jr. Facebook)

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