Couple funds travel through eating

Couple funds travel through eating

- Gabriella Zanzanaini and Nicolas Petit have been traveling to discover enticing food the world has to offer

- The minds behind the blog, The Funnelogy Channel, shared how they thought of food as the safest choice to engage with people across the globe

- Their journey has introduced them to the wonders of the different regions and of trusting people

This couple just killed two birds with one stone on setting a new example of relationship and career goals. Gabriella Zanzanaini and Nicolas Petit have been on the road for almost a year – meeting new people, appreciating different cultures, and most especially, trying good food.

In an interview with CNN, the couple discussed how their journey began when they decided to give up their desk jobs back in Brussels two years ago. Gabriella clarified that contrary to popular belief, they did not hate their job, generously informing their resignation six months ahead to provide ample time to find replacements for them. The duo shared how they wanted to keep the future open for possibilities, therefore refusing to simply take a leave.

They expressed that the trip has showed them a better way of viewing the world creatively – with Gabriella writing and Nicolas working on the pictures, they were able to share their experiences to the world through their travel blog, The Funnelogy Channel.

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Couple funds travel through eating
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They boast of how they focus more on people, saying that it was a liberating feeling to find something interesting that does not involve money or a job.

When asked why they decided to have food for the theme of their blog, they claimed how it was the universal language for everyone. Engaging people through politics and religion could be treading on dangerous ground, even language could put up a barrier, but ‘everybody eats, everybody cooks.’

Gabriella and Nicolas both confessed of how trust was a huge factor in the beginning of their journey. They were uncomfortable, guilty and felt as if they owed the nice people who were willing to welcome them into their homes. They recalled an encounter with a student in Eastern Turkey who invited them over for dinner after a good chat. When they accepted the offer, the stranger was delighted as he admitted that most foreigners would be afraid to even approach him.

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The travelers mentioned several more countries throughout the interview. They wished to return to Iran as people there were open and friendly – a huge contrast to their bad reputation. They were inspired of Myanmar’s aesthetics, saying that it was a ‘photogenic place.’ Nicolas, in particular, enjoyed the street food in Vietnam and the variety of noodles Western China has to offer.

The couple has managed to eat their way through 20 countries so far, and there is still more to come as they plan to continue their travels. -HB, Kami Media

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