7 secrets women never share with their men!

7 secrets women never share with their men!

When you fall in love with a man, you give him all of you: your body, your soul, your heart. But there are always things too private to share; the ones you should leave secret and only to yourself. What are the 7 mysteries a woman should never disclose to a man?

7 secrets women never share with their men!

I only look as if I got it all

Women are strong and capable of many things, but they don’t have it all. Deep inside you have your insecurities and flaws only you know about. Surely, you long to be touched, loved and accepted that deep, but it does not always happen in life. So, all that self-organization, planning, keeping your wits together and maintaining a perfect order of things only mask the things you’ve got in your closet.

I will never tell you about all my sex partners

7 secrets women never share with their men!

That’s a big one. Men always ask about it. They want to know, and they tell you they are so modern and do not care. But they do. So, as the saying goes: if you do not know it, it cannot hurt you! Even radical honesty leaves little space for secrets. So, if the answer is not – the only one, then you better keep that data to yourself.

I compare you to my ex

7 secrets women never share with their men!

And at times that comparison makes you regret you are not with your ex. It does, just at times. No one is perfect. Surely the man you are with has many great sides, but he has his shortcomings as well. And he does not need to know he lost this battle to your ex!

I know all about your little weaknesses

7 secrets women never share with their men!

Most men think they are very smart and hide their sins so well even God cannot see them. But ladies easily find their porn disks or the porn sites they visit. It may seem to you the man cannot even hide his thoughts and desires from your keen eyes. It’s not always wise to let him see you know so much!

I am rarely ready, when you go inside me

7 secrets women never share with their men!

It may take you some 10-15 minutes more to get to that condition and many a time he does not give you that time or the attention you need to be ready. You do not dump this information on him to avoid making him feel bad. But this secret should be disclosed little by little using your female ways and methods.

I cry because of you way more often than you can imagine

Men are not able to understand all the emotions and shades of moods women have. They are like the dogs, which cannot see the rainbow! So, you keep it to yourself.

At times I feel so good in bed I want to use dirty words

You may be ashamed to admit it and show how much pleasure he can give you, if he tries hard. Dirty talk is not for ladies, so we have been taught. But it leaks at times!

Surely this list is incomplete. And you may add your things to it. All of these female secrets are classified and men would do much to learn them. But some of the mysteries are doomed to die with you!

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