Dad finds whiskey in daughter’s sock drawer

Dad finds whiskey in daughter’s sock drawer

- A father from Texas found a bottle of whiskey hidden at his 16-year old’s sock drawer

- He decided to inform her about his discovery creatively through a video

- After receiving the video on her trip, Elainey posted it on her Twitter which had gone viral since then

‘We need to talk’ is probably one of the scariest – or might as well be on top of the list – things you could ever hear in a lifetime. Your mind instantly goes on overdrive, coming up with every wrong deed you have done – be it a little white lie or a major mistake. With that said, you could only imagine the mini-heart attack 16-year old Elainey had when her dad sent her a video message, creatively letting her know that he had discovered her secret stash of alcohol.

The video started innocently enough, not showing any trace of what was to come. The dad from Texas began with a sweet voice, saying hi to his daughter and hoping that she was having a wonderful time on her trip at South Padre Island.

He even referred to a post about crabs she uploaded on her social media, subtlety telling her that he has been seeing her posts.

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Dad finds whiskey in daughter’s sock drawer
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Everything was good until he pulled out a nearly empty bottle of Fireball whiskey, informing her that he wants to discuss about it when she gets home. The father good naturedly joked about how he is not sure if the bottle came out of a sock, as he found it in the teenager’s sock drawer. Looks like Elainey had to look for another hiding place as her dad had discovered it.

However, he adopted a change of tone, as he shared that there were reports of how people had been breaking into houses to hide whiskey bottles – stating with a serious voice that they would have to inform the police, if that was the case.

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On the other hand, if that was not how Elainey managed to get a hold of the whiskey, he offered to talk about it after her trip. He ended the video with an endearing “love you, girl” and a smile.

Upon watching the video, the teenager posted it on Twitter with the caption, Sooooo my parents found this bottle I was hiding in my room and this happened...” and her father had been an online sensation since then.- HB, Kami Media

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