Homophobic social experiment goes viral

Homophobic social experiment goes viral

- Homophobic social experiment goes viral

- Video shows people stood up against bigots

- Some people are close-minded due to their beliefs

Homophobic social experiment goes viral

A new social experiment is making the rounds online that moved netizens to tears.

The video shows three guys conducting the experiment. The two guys acted as gay couple, while the third guy is a bigot. The bigot criticized the gay couple and asked them to not publicly show their affection for each other. He even said that it was disgusting.

Meanwhile, people witnessing the homophobic incident stood up and defended the gay couple. The guy in a train even threatened the bigot to just get off the train or he will get knocked out.

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US and European countries have moved forward in terms of gay rights with US even ratified gay marriage. Recently, the LGBT community celebrated the Pride March.

Bigotry and prejudice is a product of the predetermined beliefs of the people. There are crimes reportedly targeting gays like recent Orlando shooting. Majority of the club’s patrons are gays. The killer allegedly believed that he will be forgiven of his sins of being gay or being attracted to same sex.

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Watch the video of the homophobic social experiment below.


Source: KAMI.com.gh

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