Maine Mendoza Defends Fans Against Fakers

Maine Mendoza Defends Fans Against Fakers


Maine Mendoza discredited allegations that some of her loyal fans have been behind the online hate against her on-screen partner Alden Richards, calling these people as fake fans.

The female half of the phenomenal tandem wrote on her blog entry on April 4: "People have been accusing SMU (Solid Maine United) for showing violent hate towards Alden Richards and/or other artists. No, those people are not really part of the group, they are claiming to be part just so people could put the blame on them -- us."

Maine advised her solid supporters to stay vigilant against online trolls and pretenders.

"Always keep in mind, just because this certain basher's Twitter name has the initials of any group does not mean they are a member of it. Anybody could make an account and pretend to be the 'biggest fan' of somebody then start saying bad things and make up bad stories about other people," Maine wrote.

The young artist who catapulted to stardom as Yaya Dub also called on her fans to ignore these bashers instead of engaging them online.

"Starting a fight with those kind of individuals would never be worthwhile -- save your time and ignore them -- never give them the attention they thirst for and the satisfaction they itch for," added Maine.

Maine also claimed that these "toxic people" might be part of a demolition job.

"Some haters even claim to be a fan of who they are hating on, then they'll go start talking sh** on social media accounts, for they know that the way they conduct themselves would reflect on their 'idol's' character," she wrote.

"Demolition is as easy and simple as that. Do not be deceived."

To end, Maine implored fans with a quote from Criss Jami: "The only thing more frustrating than slanderers is those foolish enough to listen to them."



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