Absolute divorce law pushed in 17th congress

Absolute divorce law pushed in 17th congress

- Albay Representative Edcel Lagman files a bill that would legalize divorce in the Philippines

- Lagman said that the bill is “pro-woman”

- The Philippines and the Vatican are the only countries in the world that don’t have a divorce law

Reproductive health law principal author, Edcel Lagman filed a bill on Thursday that would make divorce legal in the country.

Lagman cited irreparable marriages as the reason why he wanted to push for a divorce law. He said that this bill would allow for “a merciful liberation of the hapless wife from a long-dead marriage.”

Absolute divorce law pushed in 17th congress

Albay rep. Lagman(Photo credits: Juice.ph)

The Albay representative also added: “Most marriages are supposed to be solemnized in heaven; the reality is many marriages plummet into hell – in irremediable breakdown, spousal abuse, marital infidelity and psychological incapacity, among others, which bedevil marriages.”

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The Philippines, along with Vatican is the only country that forbids divorce. The non-passage of the law can be tied to the country’s conservative leaning.

According to the office of the representative, Lagman will lead the campaign for the enactment of absolute divorce law in the 17 congress.

House Bill 116 or the divorce bill includes the same grounds as annulment and legal separation, but it particularly adds the following:

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- when either of the spouses secures (a) a valid foreign divorce;

- canonical divorce;

- gender reassignment surgery; and

- when irreconcilable differences or conflicts exist between the married couple, which are beyond redemption despite earnest and repeated efforts at reconciliation.

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Lagman said that the bill that the bill is pro-woman, he explained:

- Traditionally, in a marriage relation, the husband is more ascendant than the wife. It is the woman who is usually brutalized and it is the man who philanders and gets away with it.

- Under these foreboding and unequal circumstances, a wife needs an absolute divorce more than the husband.

- In divorce proceedings, the wife as the innocent spouse, needs a court-decreed alimony and support for the child or children under her custody with corresponding fines and contempt of court for delinquency in providing financial support.

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- Absolute divorce is not only a women’s issue. It is a poor women’s issue. Poor women cannot afford the current exorbitant expense for legal separation or annulment of marriage.

- An absolute divorce is a merciful liberation of the hapless wife from a long-dead marriage. -CD, Kami Media

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